Best Community Skins: October

Creepy, cozy, and a little late for the party.

The community skins are back for another round, and this time with a terrifying twist! We asked to see your spookiest Halloween skins, and boy did you all deliver. Seriously, I’ve been afraid to open my inbox for weeks. That’s probably why this article is a liiiiittle delayed. Or, if my boss is reading, this isn’t delayed at all! Nope, a Halloween article in November is all according to plan. I just want to show you the best of our scary skins to tide you over until next Halloween!

Haunted Pumpkin

by Shotshell156

Um... I’m sorry, was something so scary also meant to be so gosh darn cute? At first, I thought this was a person wearing a pumpkin on their head, but upon further inspection, I think that this may be a full pumpkin person. What is a pumpkin person, you may ask? In my not-so-technical and not-at-all-professional opinion, it’s a festively spooky pumpkin that has taken human form. But are pumpkin people inherently spooky or evil? I don’t think so, they’re just a gourd with legs and probably feelings – just like the rest of us! Er, in a way!

The (not really) evil skeleton

by YouTuber0612

Skeletons are a Halloween staple, but The (not really) evil skeleton mixes things up with an over-the-top goofy face. From the neck up: “Look at this goofy lil’ goober, how cute!” From the neck down: “Oh god, so many bones, plEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE.” So, you know, this is the perfect skin for when you really don’t know what you want to wear. Or if you’re just really unsure of the vibe of the party you’re attending – like the time I wore a full-length black cape to my niece’s second birthday party. The best of both worlds! 

Spooky Pixel!

By Than Pixel

This skin is scary in a different way than the others… imagine, cold legs in November! But we all must suffer for fashion at some point in our lives, so it might as well be for this adorable pumpkin-hued get up. This skin is a perfect transition outfit from the spookiness of Halloween to the coziness of Thanksgiving season (for the fellow Americans out there, at least). Whether you’re running from evil spirits or you’re just needing a little more comfort after eating six pumpkin pies, this outfit/skin is perfect for you.


by duckiez

Oh, oh… no. I accidentally added something really scary to this list. This creepy (and to be honest, disgusting) skin really makes the stomach turn. The boils on this skin, complete with festive stomach wound, are a great way to make your friends wish they'd played on a different server. Imagine, you’re building peacefully and then all of a sudden this boily bro jumps out from behind you. No thanks! But for those of you who are more adventurous (or, less of a coward) than me, this adventurous skin could be the start of many great pranks. Fun bonus: this skin will haunt my dreams for weeks to come!

Fall for you bear

by Jelly :/

After all those scary skins, I figured it’d be best to wind down with something cozy and autumnal. Enter the downright cuddly fall for you bear. Is there anything more adorable than those little bear ears or the steaming hot mug of tea on its sweater? The answer is no. I have searched the depths of the email address and this was the most adorable skin. 

Overall, we’ve seen a lot of great skins and learned that I am an absolute coward who crumbles at the first sight of anything remotely scary. But I feel ready to take on November’s community skin article already after this growing experience, so email using the subject line ME SO PRETTY to show off your skins! Remember to include your skin template, a screenshot of the skin in-game, the name of your skin, and the name you want to be credited by if we use it!

Written by
Kelsey Howard