Best community skins: April

Pretty! Weird! But NEVER pretty weird, which is pretty weird.

I woke up in a bit of a bad mood recently, and not just because I woke up in the sewer again. So to turn my frown sideways (sorry, I think upside-down is a little too optimistic) I decided to look up six spectacular skins from the Minecraft community.

Every month, apart from all the months we forget to do it, we gather the greatest Minecraft skins crafted by you – yes YOU – and then vamp about what makes them so superb. Email your skins to and we’ll feature our favourites on the site. This month they’re all from the Java version, but if you’ve built something weird and wonderful with the character creator in Bedrock, please submit those too!

Bonus Tom Tip: have this song on a loop on full blast while reading this article and you’ll never know sadness again. You’re welcome!


By CraCraCat

Spring is finally here! Yeah, I’m over it too. Luckily, so is the fantastically named CraCraCat (which sounds a bit like when I’m trying to say the word ‘cat’ while holding in a sneeze), who crafted this ace Autumn skin. If you’ve ever dreamed about blending in with piles of dead leaves, then this is the perfect skin for your pre-winter wardrobe. I’m also a fan of the fact that the lovely hair looks a bit like a fence, even if it is a cruel reminder of the time I got my head stuck in a fence ten years ago. Whether my head is still trapped in said fence is irrelevant to this article. Next skin please.


By _TheDimonn_

I recently tried to get in shape by doing fifty press-ups every morning. But I do these press-ups over a trough of ice cream, so results have been disappointingly delicious. Maybe I should just play Minecraft as Steve But With Muscles instead? What Creeper would be foolish enough to mess with this beefcake? I’ll stare at any Enderman I please, thank you very much, now I know I could easily take it on. Obsidian blocks? Ha! Forget using tools, I’ll just mine them with my mighty fists! *sound of fist bones breaking, followed by sound of writer ugly crying as he realises he’ll be typing the rest of this article with his nose*


By Jessamoon

Easily the worst thing about being alive is having to decide what to wear on your legs each morning. Skirt? Tights? Remain in pajamas? Paint clothes on and hope nobody notices? What I love about Midnight Prowl is that it refuses to make such a binary legwear choice, instead opting for shorts and a different item of clothing on each leg. Genius! When I rule the world, dressing like this will be mandatory, so that’s something for us all to look forward to. Bonus points for that excellent crescent moon top too.


By fuchisia_

My housemate recently shaved his head, in what I can only assume was a woefully misguided attempt to make me finally respect him. My new friend Bald Steve here, has gone even further, not just chopping off his luscious locks but losing that beard we all know and, er, ‘love’. I think it suits him! He looks at least twenty years younger (which is worrying, as Minecraft has only existed for eleven years) and he’s going to save a fortune on Creeper Shampoo, the new business I sunk all my savings into (it’s the only shampoo made with real Creepers, by a real creep!) How’s my new business doing? I’m writing articles for this website again - how do you think it’s doing?


By Fishkiss

A knight in shining armour is handy for saving you from a dragon, I suppose, but do they have to be so drab? This year alone, a record number of princesses are refusing to be rescued by knights until they introduce some colour into their wardrobes. Thank goodness Fishkiss has solved 2020’s biggest problem by crafting Keeper of the Daisy, which brightens up this nifty knight with a healthy dose of flower power! True, arming yourself with a flower instead of a sword is just one of the many reasons I’ve never survived a single night in Minecraft, but fashion over practicality, right?


By Blaze Warrior17

Burn this skin at the stake! That’s a compliment btw. It means it looks so good, that I’m convinced you have magical abilities, Blaze Warrior17, causing me to uncharacteristically panic and round up an angry mob. But don’t worry, they’ll calm down once they see the majestic robes, cheeky tuft of red hair, and purple eyes that scream “oh your eyes aren’t purple? Thanks for trying.” *smug chuckling*. Why don’t actual wizards dress this well? Harry Potter is a ‘wizard’ who still apparently needs to use glasses. Voldemort should have won just for his sense of style alone, frankly.

Remember in the intro to this article when I said looking at these skins didn’t cheer me up? Ha! That was a LIE to see if you’d read the whole thing! These skins have made me happier than I ever dared to dream. Want to see your own skin on Email them to and we’ll cover our favourites in an upcoming article!

Written By
Tom Stone