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Best Builds and Fashion Finds: Creeping Winter Edition

The coolest loot from Minecraft Dungeon’s newest DLC

When it comes to crafting the best builds or merely discovering the newest fashionable finds, you’ll need to keep your loot up to date with the latest Minecraft Dungeons DLC. As the premiere fashion correspondent for, I’m thrilled to pick out my top choices from the upcoming Creeping Winter DLC to update your wardrobe this season, and prepare you for a chilling adventure that lands on September 8th. 

What, that’s not actually my job title? Well, dress for the job you want, darling. I’m working from home in my best homemade cape and updating my resume as we speak. But let’s focus on the real stars of the snowy show, the looks of Creeping Winter!

Skin: Frosty

We’re serving up hypothermia chic with the new Frosty skin, as it gives you the chilling visual effect of being frozen solid with bluish skin and frozen hair. While we’d never recommend this look in real life due to the whole “we prefer to keep our readers alive” business approach, it works perfectly in the new Creeping Winter DLC. Again, we want to look sickening, not actually get sick. You’ll be strutting through the Frosty Fjord in no time and slaying this look (and your enemies). 


Armor forged from never melting ice? Not only will you look amazing on the battlefield, but you’ll also be the hit of any outdoor party. And when that fabulous fête goes from day to night, the subtle glow from this armor will light the way to the after-party. Oh, and the cool snow particles that hover around the armor are an excellent conversation starter when you’re stuck with a partner with less personality than a polar bear. 


When I freeze my enemies I prefer to do it up close and personal, but it is not worth standing next to a foe wearing last season’s boots. With the Winter’s Touch bow, distance is no longer an issue when it comes to your icy ambitions! I’ve heard that bows are definitely in for this frosty season, so suit up and shoot to your heart’s content.


What’s a hero to do when you see a hostile mob that shows up to the battle wielding the same battleaxe as you? Knock some sense into them with the Ice Wand. Literally, as the Ice Wand summons up a massive block of ice that drops onto their heads. That’ll teach you not to raid my inventory for looks you can’t pull off. As an added bonus, who doesn’t want to wield a powerful wand that coordinates perfectly with their winter best? 


Last but not least, no outfit is complete without a next-level accessory, and this one comes in a bundle of adorable fur: the Arctic Fox! With an on-trend winter coat, the very much alive Arctic Fox is the only companion fit to take on the wintry tundras’ challenges. Most importantly, it’s so cute that I can’t wait to hit the slippery ice and face the frosty foes of the Creeping Winter DLC!

Not enough fashion hot takes for you? Look through your loot and share your trendiest build with us on the Minecraft Dungeons Twitter or Facebook! Or if you're feeling extra bold, send some shots of your outfit to scoops[a] with the subject line DUNGEONS FASHION DISASTERS and you may be featured in a future story!

Written By
Kelsey Howard

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