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Behold this intricate giganto-build!

Valley of Iris is an insanely impressive console creation

This might be one of the most impressive world designs out there - and it was created entirely by hand on console by Endless Candy. No tool-assisted cut-and-paste for this builder - just many painstaking hours creating intricate, florid structures with perfect symmetry. It reminds me of the sorts of exquisite decoration you see encrusting Buddhist temples in Thailand.

“What inspired me to make maps the way I do is my personal vision of a peaceful heaven influenced by nature and its creatures,” says Endless Candy. “I don't really have a process; what I build comes from the mind. I don't plan ideas out; my ideas just happen to click with each other.”

Check out the shots below or check out the video above to watch a flythrough of the level by Youtuber LethalShadow12!

Endless Candy says the ideas for this specific world were inspired partly by music and partly by spending time in nature. That’s not a bad tip - if you’re feeling creatively blocked, head out into the world and sop up some of that green goodness. It’s bound to give you some nifty natural notions!

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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