Beautiful Bugs

GeekBuilds tells us about his colourful creepy crawlies

Insects might not be everyone’s favourite thing, but they’re really rather lovely creatures, especially butterflies with their beautiful wings. I might even be okay with spiders when they stay nice and still, like the one in today’s creation: GeekBuilds’ Spawn for Creative.

This bug-based build was inspired by the slow changing seasons. “Here in Russia, March was all snow and cold, which is strange,” GeekBuilds explains, “so I wanted to build something warm and colourful. In the spring, all living things awaken, so I came up with the idea to build insects and flowers.”

His build is certainly wonderfully springlike to get us through these (hopefully) last few days of cold weather. Tulip and daisy-like flowers sprout up towards the bright-winged butterflies that circle the map, and a cerulean castle overlooks the whole scene.

“My favourite part of building was giving the butterfly wings pattern and colour,” GeekBuilds tells me. “It took me a really long time, but it was fun.” They are certainly the most vibrant part of the build, looming over the flowers and even the spires of the castle, making them seem tiny in comparison.

So why add the less colourful ants and the spooky spider? “The idea was to build many different types of insects because of the onset of spring,” he says.

“The spider wasn’t originally in the idea, but I began to build a landscape, and I wanted to add an anthill. Then I thought, why not give the picture a little plot? And I decided to build a spider that killed an ant, and other ants that go to avenge him.”

It is a rather dramatic tale! Seeing as these ants are almost as big as their giant eight-legged foe, they might just get that vengeance they’re looking for. In the meantime, the butterflies remain hovering calmly over their colourful flowers, giving the build two quite different moods.

I suppose that’s how things work in the animal world – everything can appear very pretty on the surface, but there’s usually something sinister lurking below.

It took GeekBuilds about five days to make his insect kingdom, but he’s been creating maps like these for five years. “I saw how an ordinary player built something great, and after that I spent all my time in Minecraft on building. I really enjoy it and will continue so that I can reach new levels.

“I want to share what’s in my head!”

Time will tell whether what’s in his head is more fearsome fights between scuttling bugs or the calmer beauty showcased by his butterflies! Or perhaps, as with this build, he will continue to bring both together to create gorgeous, vibrant maps with more eerie narrative twists hidden beneath the surface.

Written By
Jay Castello