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September 29th! It's the date so important, that every Mojang employee has to chant 'September 29th! September 29th!' at least 8000 times a day (trust me, you don't want to find out the punishment for only chanting it 7999 times a day).

Why is September 29th so important? Because it's the date of MINECON Earth 2018 – our worldwide celebration livestream of all things Minecraft! Last year we had a costume contest, Minecraft in real life, a new mob got voted into the game and the first ever look at the Update Aquatic!

What surprises have we got lined up for this year? You'll have to watch the livestream on September 29th to find out. You can watch it any way you like – but the best way to experience this massive celebration of all things Minecraft is with friends, family and other players at a MINECON Earth party!

As well as being a great chance to meet other Minecraft players, MINECON Earth parties are a fun, interactive social space for our incredible community of players to gather to watch MINECON Earth. A MINECON Earth party can be anything you like - from a few friends over to watch the livestream on September 29th, to a huge gathering of Minecraft players all enjoying MINECON Earth together!

We've partnered up with venues all over the world, including movie theatres, museums, schools, exhibit centres and concert halls, to help them host fantastic MINECON Earth parties!

Plus, to make it easier than ever for you to find your nearest party, we've created an interactive list of all the upcoming parties. Click this line of lovely green text to be taken to that page now, and find your nearest MINECON Earth party! We'll be updating this list with more parties over the coming months.

Or why not host your own MINECON Earth party? We’ve created a page with all the details you need - click here to learn more about hosting your own event!

Have fun! Now, back to the chanting. September 29th! September 29th! September 29th…

Written By
Tom Stone