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Announcing: Realms Day of Play

Join top streamers on Mixer using Realms Invite Links!

Want to get some friends to join your Realm? Gone are the days of fussing over peculiarly-spelled usernames - now you can just hit a button to get a link to share with whomever you please. When the recipient clicks it, the game will load up and they can jump right in as an honoured guest of your world!

We launched this feature on Windows 10 and mobile devices with the appropriately-named Better Together update - but now it’s arrived on Xbox One, too! Yay!

To celebrate, we’re putting on the Realms Day of Play!

Join us this Wednesday 11th October, as top streamers and Youtubers open up their personal Realms to invitees! Watch the fun on Mixer or hit an invite link and jump onto your favourite video star’s world yourself!

Here are just some of the good folks taking part:

  • ImpulseSV
  • Direwolf20
  • Carnage the Creator
  • BlackieChan
  • PixelPrincess80
  • Official Minecraft Community Realm (with the Minecraft community team)
There are loads more getting in on the fun! Search for “Minecraft Realms Day of Play” on Mixer to discover even more Minecraft players looking to share their Realm - or, indeed, share your own! Put "Minecraft Realms Day of Play" in your stream title and your Invite Link in the stream description to let others know you’re looking for more people to play with!

You never know, you might just get a surprise visit from a member of the Minecraft team. Those devs are a mischievous bunch though - so it's probably a good idea to download a copy of your Realm before you start sharing, in case you want to go back to an earlier version. Just refresh your Invite Link to break the old one and stop allowing new people in.

Keep an eye on the streams for a chance to play with your gaming heroes or win Realms subscriptions!

Fun fun fun!

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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