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Amazing maze solver

How Chitzy uses armorstands to automatically solve puzzles

This is cool. I do not understand it. Chitzy has built a maze solver in Minecraft using the FloodFill algorithm.

What does that mean? I asked Chitzy to explain it to me like I was an idiot.

“As the FloodFill name suggests, the algorithm fills the map from the player location (the solver) in all possible directions with armorstands, each step giving each armorstand an index number and increasing it after a step is completed. When an armor stand is placed above the exit, the whole thing stops and traces the route back by simply connecting to the corresponding lower index near it. It sounds complicated but it's quite simple actually, this video explains it better.”

Ah yes. Perfectly clear now, thank you. brain implodes

How did Chitzy get into these sorts of complex redstone creations?

“I started playing Minecraft on version 1.2.3, and after messing around with redstone it became my favorite part of the game since it resembled programming so much - that's my other big hobby since I was a kid. I started messing with it and soon enough I found myself digging through the game code, managing a Minecraft server, and releasing my first adventure map. All that became even more interesting when command blocks were implemented. Nowadays, I find myself with five unfinished adventure maps, and a lot of other small redstone projects that have accumulated over the years.

“It's quite fun - combining command blocks and basic redstone logic you can create complex algorithms, and adding resource packs on top of that, you can literally make your own new game on top of the existing one.”

Smart stuff!

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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