A Realms Plus Refresher

How do you use Realms Plus? I have avoided my subscription since I was under the impression that it was the algebraic side of Minecraft. I thought that it was the dreaded Mathematics Biome that Per warns me about whenever I question things like deadlines or showing up for work. An awful place where numbers run free, graphs tower over your head, and formulas can sneak up on you at any time.

I discovered that this was not the case when a trailer was sent to me anonymously after I attempted to shut down Realms Plus once and for all.

Even though it turns out that Realms Plus is a Bedrock subscription that allows you to connect and play with your friends across all platforms, this trailer did feel like a personal attack against me. There were an awful lot of numbers in there, which has only made my Anti-Math Stance stronger than ever and fueled my suspicion of binary code.

Over 100 pieces of content? Who can even count that high, let alone find the time to play all those different worlds? And invite 10 friends to your personal realm? That is nine people too many interfering with my dirt builds. Wait a minute… was that accidental algebra? Did I learn something without realizing it?

Maybe I should give this Realms Plus business a second chance and activate that subscription. It would be the most practical place to host my protest rally, “Writers Against Numbers”. I could probably find some cool skins that would really make the entire event pop. And when the point has been sufficiently made, maybe venture out on a new mash-up adventure. That does sound like a solid plan, you’re all welcome to join me when you’re done perusing the Realms Plus page!  

Written By
Sofia Dankis