A new update for blocky MLB® fans

Don’t miss these biome-themed ballparks!

Picture a normal, blocky day in your Overworld. The sun is shining. The creepers are creeping. You’re wondering whether to extend that cellar, or perhaps finally organize those chests. And then… you hear it. A chanting sound, coming from the horizon. As you squint towards it, you see a huge new structure. It looks like… a baseball park? And that chanting… are they calling your name?

Suddenly you’re in a jersey. Is it your favorite MLB team? Is it head-to-toe axolotl pink? You decide, friend, this is your story now. You walk towards the sound and the park gets bigger, the stands springing up around you. Now you’re on the field. There’s a baseball bat in your hand instead of an iron sword. You’re being called up to bat! You can feel the adrenaline pumping through your blocky arms as the commentators call out your name, but you’re ready. And as the ball flies towards you, you know you’re going to hit it. Straight through this level, and the next, and the next. Straight from this cave-themed ballpark into a Nether-fortress ballpark, up cliff tops with screaming goats, and down into an End city stadium.

No, this isn’t just a wild dream inspired by Major League Baseball®. The creative minds at The Misfit Society have added five new Minecraft-themed ballparks to the incredible MLB Home Run Derby® DLC!* If you missed this fast-paced DLC the first time around, then grab your inventory and step up to the plate, friend, because your team needs you. Alongside the 30 MLB team jerseys to play in you can now play in uniforms inspired by the bustling biomes of Minecraft. Hit a home run from a lush cave-inspired ballpark, or against the red, red backdrop of a Nether fortress grandstand. 

As more of a baseball spectator than player (hand-eye coordination has never been my strong suit) I am very excited to test my blocky batting skills! Plus, as my real-world record for number of home runs scored is very low, that just makes my chance to beat it in-game very high! It’s just like bopping a creeper with a cobblestone block, except now I’m thwacking baseballs out of the park. Watch them fly!

You can download the MLB Home Run Derby DLC right now from Minecraft Marketplace! For those who already own the DLC, you’ll get all this new content for free when you update it! Win-win, I’d say. Now, if you’ll excuse me friends, my team needs me! 

*Requires Minecraft:Bedrock Edition (sold separately). ™/© 2022 MLB

Sophie Austin
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Sophie Austin