A more festive gift guide

For the Minecrafter that won’t stop Minecrafting

Somehow, another year has passed, and we find ourselves again in the most festive of seasons. And even though some of us still won’t get to see our loved ones in person for the holidays, it’s still good to stop and think about something that we’re grateful for. In my case, it’s blankets with sleeves. And Peaceful mode, of course. 

But it takes a lot of stuff to distract me from the fact that I’m missing out on my aunt’s holiday dinner for the second year in a row. That’s why I’m putting together a wishlist, one that I am selflessly also sharing with you in case you need some Minecrafty gifting (or simply shopping) inspiration. Here it is: 

Minecraft Blockopedia: Updated Edition

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Minecrafter, having the Blockopedia on hand while playing is shown to improve your experience by at least 217% (disclaimer: there is no scientific basis for that statement). Not only is it a beautiful reference tool with essential information on every block’s properties, but it also has little-known trivia and expert advice. Personally, I’m hoping to find out the secret behind ancient debris. How ancient is it? And where does the debris come from? I don’t trust it.

Minecraft x Tervis Tumbler 

Okay, this one is technically not a wish since I already have one, but how many tumblers is too many in the season of hot beverages? I’ll let you ponder that while I place an order for another Minecraft x Tervis tumbler – or maybe more? It’s hard to pick between the Overworld, Creeper, Grass Block, and Ender Dragon designs, but let’s be honest: I’m a fool for purple and the Ender Dragon, so I’ll probably double up on that one. 

Minecraft: The Haven Trials

One of the best things to do when it gets dark at 4pm is to plug in some fairy lights, pour some tea in one of the aforementioned tumblers (caffeine free, I am an old!), curl up under a blanket and embark on an adventure. The Haven Trials by Suyi Davies is the latest story in the Minecraft novel collection, and it introduces us to Cece, a girl whose world gets turned upside down when her best friend Therese moves away from Lagos to the USA, 7000 miles (or roughly 11265 kilometers) away. But there is hope – they can still play Minecraft together, as long as Cece joins Therese’s new server! The only catch is that it's locked behind an initiation ceremony riddled with dangerous mobs and griefing players. Plus, she only has five lives to complete the trials, or else she'll be permanently banned from the server. No pressure! Only reading this blurb makes me sweat under my snuggie, but I am hooked.

Minecraft Touchscreen Interactive Smart Watch

I have to preface this by saying I have a personal gripe with smart watches – why would I need to know how many steps I’ve taken? Get that negative energy away from me. And while the rational side of me knows that it’s a completely optional feature, it’s the principle of it, okay?? However, even I, the most prolific anti-smart watch activist in the world (don’t look that up), must admit that this watch is pretty sweet. It’s much more affordable than most watches on the market, yet still has a bunch of handy features, such as various clock faces and wallpapers, an alarm/timer/stopwatch combo, photo and video, a voice recorder, and yes, a pedometer. But it’s fine! The six games it comes with totally make up for that.

The smart watch is coming to our own website soon, but if you're in the US you can get it here in the meantime.

Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Minecraft Edition

If this chair looks familiar, it’s because I raved about it when it first came out. But I still haven’t got my hands on one, so hopefully my friends and family will take this hint – because I’m positive they all read every single one of my posts. But back to the actual chair, I’m not sure what more I could say: it’s comfy, it’s durable, and it would be the centerpiece of any Minecrafter’s room or office.

So there it is! My wishlist/gift guide for this holiday season. Whether you’re looking to spoil a Minecraft fan or need to stick to a budget, chances are at least one of these items will bring some joy. But remember, as nice as they are, gifts are just objects at the end of the day. So don’t forget to spend some time on self-care and with your loved ones, whether it’s around a table or on a server. Happy holiday mining!

Cristina Anderca
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Cristina Anderca