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A Minecraft Midsummer

Celebrate the summer – froggy style!

Happy Midsummer, dear reader! Or should I say – Hoppy Midsummer? There is actually a very good reason for me to shoehorn yet another frog pun into an article here on I promise! Let me give you some background information and all will become clear. 

Mojang Studios has offices in different areas of the world, but our HQ is located in Sweden. This small, northern country spends most of the year in darkness but when summer rolls around, the sun just refuses to set which is a good enough reason as any to celebrate! The festivities date back to the 1500s and kicked off when the summer came and the ground was fertile. These days, midsummer is celebrated on a Friday at the end of June. Which, if you are reading this article when it’s piping fresh off the presses, is today! 

There are different traditions and ways of celebrating. A lot of potatoes are involved. A lot. A maypole is often involved. And around this maypole, there is dancing. One of these dances, a personal favorite, is relevant now that The Wild Update is out in the Overworld. I am talking about Små grodorna. This means “little frogs” in Swedish and the dance involves just that – turning yourself into a small frog that hops around the maypole.

This is why I have gathered you all, and all the frogs, here today. It wasn’t just because I can now that they’ve joined the game, or because frogs make everything better. All of that may be true but calls for a little dance in the sun. Happy hoppy midsummer to you, from all of us here at! 

Sofia Dankis
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Sofia Dankis

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