A Festive Gift Guide

Perfect presents for fans of mining and crafting

It’s that lovely time of the year when you need to buy last-minute gifts for your loved ones while everyone else is trying to do the same. I have many fond memories of trying to act excited about multiple sets of PJs, but it all worked out because I grew up to be a writer, so now I live in them. I also happen to have some gift ideas that will knock the festive fluffy socks off just about anyone! So before you start buying gift cards in bulk, take a look at this awesome list of things that people will be actually happy to receive.

LEGO Minecraft ‘The Redstone Battle’ set

Back in the day, when my mom told me to take a break from the screen, I had to play with regular boring toys. Once, I had to *gasp* go outside. Today’s young Minecraft Dungeons players can continue the fun sans screen thanks to this set – and I’m totally not envious. Take on the Redstone Monstrosity and one of its redstone golems with the aid of Hex, Hedwig, Hal, and Valorie. Personally, I’ll be on the edge of the battlefield, rummaging through the piggy bank. Ooooh, shiny!

Mattel Minecraft Dungeons ‘Desert Temple Battle’ Pack

As excited as I was when I misread this as “Dessert Temple”, I have to admit a desert adventure is equally thrilling – and that’s exactly what this battle pack offers. This set features two characters and three mobs, including Valorie and our favorite head-bonking enemy, the enchanter. Luckily, the cool weapons in this pack will give your heroes an edge. Watch out for that book, though!

Minecraft Weighted Blanket

If there’s anything I’ve learned over more than a quarter of a century of lounging (Oh, hi there, existential crisis), it’s that nothing improves quality of life like a good blanket. Feeling tired? Sad? Jittery? Content? Just meh? Crawl into the warm embrace of this weighted blanket that features only cute, neutral mobs for enhanced physical and mental comfort. It has one sheep, which is exactly how many you’ll need to count before your eyelids start to feel heavy under this blanket.

UNO Minecraft Card Game

Ah, the game that taught me to never gloat about having one card left because my so-called friends will hit me with several draw cards while cackling maniacally… UNO is an iconic game that anyone can pick up and play, now with an Overworldly flair! It has simple rules, but the twists and turns you’ll encounter as you play guarantee you’ll have a blast – and hopefully strengthen your bond with the other players instead of storming out of the room. Not that I ever did that. Oh, and there’s an extra creeper card you can play to make everyone else draw? Mwahahah- er, I mean, who would do such a thing?

’Catch the Creeper!’ Activity Book

Speaking of creepers, there’s nothing worse than having one sneak up on you. Well, there’s also falling into lava while carrying two days’ worth of mined diamonds. But while being a klutz may not have a cure, you can practice spotting those pesky TNTs on legs – as well as other fun mobs – in Catch the Creeper! Not only is this charming activity book a fun and wholesome pastime, but it will also help you prepare for when fiery doom comes hissing at your door. Lovely!

And there you have it – a list of gifts fit for almost anyone, as long as they’re at least vaguely aware of Minecraft. That has to be at least a dozen people! And I won’t blame you if you grab one of these for yourself. We’ve all had a long year and we deserve a treat. Or several. If you need more expert shopping tips, you’ll find me under my weighted blanket. *yawn* On second thought, you’re on your own. Happy shopping! *pulls blanket over head*

Written By
Cristina Anderca