Marketplace is haunted

Creepy curated content & free frights!

The night has fallen. The wind is howling. The pumpkins are leering at me. Wait, did one of them just wink at me? What does it know?! Maybe it’s sitting on even more information than I am about the haunting of Minecraft Marketplace! That’s right, the once safe one-stop shop for Bedrock Edition maps, skins, and items is now full of ghosts who have decided to haunt the Marketplace with spine-chilling content, some so frightening that they are downright free. 

Between October 1 10 AM PST – November 2, 10 AM PST, Minecraft Marketplace will transform in the haunted house of your dreams. Or nightmares, depending on how much of a horror fan you are. Just in case you’re worried that it will be too scary, let me tell you a little bit about what you can expect. Amongst all the creepy crawlies, you’re going to find some very special Minecraft Dungeons-inspired items dropping on October 19. Not only will a Cauldron themed Character Creator set be coming your way, but the head pieces are the first epic tier items we release. Keep your eyes peeled for these 3D animated treasures! 

It wouldn’t be a proper haunting without some free stuff! What? Ghosts are notoriously frugal! Between October 13 and November 2, a Jack –O'-Lantern themed Character Creator set from Minecraft Dungeons will be up for grabs, and between October 26 and November 2, you can snap up a free Halloween Fiends skin pack! Woohoo! Sorry, I meant BOO! 

Grab your trick or treat bags, cut two holes in a sheet, and go blend in with the ghosts at Marketplace because your curated content and free items await!  

Sofia Dankis
Written By
Sofia Dankis