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Day 6 of 15 Days of Minecraft, featuring the free Bedrock map: 15 Year Journey

Free map full of nostalgia

DAY 6: Journey through Minecraft history in this free map

It’s day 6 of our 15th anniversary celebration and time for a (literal) trip down memory lane! A lot has happened in these 15 years, so we’ve packed some of our most nostalgic moments, marvelous dimensions, and accidental proudest inventions from our past into a free map by Oreville Studios. Like the giant bouncy castle I built out of slime balls and filled with rabbits! Edit: The dev team are now telling me the bouncy castle didn’t make the cut. There's always next time. What about for our 30-year anniversary? Hello? Oh, they've stopped replying... 

The doors to the Minecraft Museum are open and admission is free, so what are you waiting for? Let’s head inside! 


Like all things Minecraft, this isn’t just any museum – unless museums always teeter on the edge of peril? Sure, there are plenty of things to awe over, but since we are firm believers in adding a healthy dose of adventure and surprise wherever we can, taking on treacherous mini games, exploring immersive exhibits, and setting out on wild treasure hunts seem like a much better way to take in our blocky history! 

There’s even a Dig Straight Down challenge to see who can get to the treasure vault first! Without mining face-first into lava, that is. I suggest you also check out the puzzle-based challenge where you can unlock the alpha version of the game! Just know that side effects include severe nostalgia and potentially a tear or two.

Head to Minecraft Marketplace to download the free map and start digging into the many more wonders of our past today! 

Today’s free Character Creator item

We normally don’t do dress codes, but if the Minecraft Museum enforced one, it would include a free pair of Toe Guardians, naturally! These slippers are based on the puffer-like aquatic mob from our 1.8 update, which you can find guarding ocean monuments. While these slippers do not prevent you from stubbing your toes on sharp corners, they will at least give every corner the evil eye. Swim over to the Dressing Room to get your hands feet in a free pair now!

What surprises will shape our world tomorrow? There’s an entire week of festivities left, so don’t forget to check Minecraft.net daily so you don’t miss out on the celebrations. 

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