Minecraft Creator Series

Bring your favorite Character Creator looks to life

I’ve always loved expressing myself through my appearance – it’s why I couldn’t stick to one hair color for about a decade. That and the delightfully chaotic vibes of late-night DIY hair dye. However, my most recent experiment in self-expression – dramatic outfit changes between meetings – went horribly wrong. Can you believe I immobilized myself in the bathroom when getting into a particularly chic romper? How will I ever express my style without pushing my body beyond its silly human limitations?

Thankfully, my days of nose dialing for help are over, because I can easily show off my questionable impeccable fashion tastes with the new Creator Series! These figurines allow you to recreate your favorite Minecraft looks by bringing the Character Creator items you use to express yourself in-game into the real world. Equip new items by simply popping them on your figurine, and switch them out whenever you need an outfit refresh! If only getting dressed IRL was this easy. 

This fall, we’re releasing some spooky season-appropriate items, whether you plan on braving the night for treats or enjoying a cozy evening at home. Will you cause some fun frights in your spooky wings and wrist spikes? Make a lasting impression with the party shades and striped tie? Or kick back in your mooing hoodie and bunny slippers? But who says you can’t do it all???  

If you want to bring some friends along, the Cowpoke Friends and Seafaring Friends Storypacks include two horses and a dolphin, respectively. And if you're in need of a hangout spot, the Supreme Playset not only gives you a castle for your character and their friends, but also comes with a code that you can use to redeem an exclusive in-game item.

These figurines and sets are available now online and in stores at most local toy retailers. Make sure you keep an eye out for future releases! I know I will – I still have nightmares about being stuck in a giant web made from rompers.

Cristina Anderca
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Cristina Anderca