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Cristina Anderca
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Cristina Anderca

Spookyfest is back!

No tricks, just treats! For the most part.

An image of the Bony Brawler hero skin, a skeletal figure with red eyes and a dark hood.
A moody screenshot from Creeper Clash, featuring the hero surrounded by an army of creepers. The sky is black and the clouds are lit up by the greenish-yellow glow of a moon that has a creeper face.
An image featuring the five characters included in the skin pack: four original Legends heroes and the Bony Brawler, fighting a variety of enemies in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. A build of the Well of Fate can be seen in the background.
Splash art of the Minecraft Marketplace Spooky collection, featuring a mix of creepy DLCs
A close up of a real-life Suspicious-er Stew in a bowl

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