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An image of the Mottled Monocular Toad mount skin

Meet the Mottled Monocular Toad

Get this month’s Minecraft Legends freebie!

The fearless frog leaped into Minecraft Legends in last month’s major update, and it’s already winning hearts (and battles!) across the Overworld. If you’ve met this vertically empowered, water-loving mount, you’re probably already speeding through waterways and leaping over piglins to annoy them. Excellent work!

To celebrate the fearless frog’s debut, we’re giving out a free skin! Meet the Mottled Monocular Toad (try saying that three times fast), an adorable one-eyed frog that has somehow gotten itself covered in some kind of toxic chemical. We can only speculate on what might have happened, but one thing is clear: this toad is still fearless and eager to leap into battle to stop the piglins. The Mottled Monocular Toad is available for free now on Minecraft Legends Marketplace. 

Let's also acknowledge the lava launcher in the room for a second: we’ve postponed this month’s Lost Legend until  January. We hope the Mottled Monocular Toad will make up for it, even though we get that earning a skin through skill is a bit more exciting. We know you look forward to these challenges, so we appreciate your patience. But keep an eye out because the next Lost Legend is on its way! 

In the meantime, why not check out some previous Lost Legends? Last month’s delightfully chaotic Lost Legend, When Pigs Fly, made it rain piglins continuously. What you may not know is that you can keep fighting even after you’ve earned your reward; why not see how many waves you can withstand? Team up with a friend or see who can last the longest in the arena! 

If you’re seeking pure destructive joy in a spooky atmosphere, Creeper Clash lets you wield the explosive power of our hissing friends. But if that sounds too noisy for you, why not play Legend of the Llama and defeat the piglins using... spit??! And let’s not forget the Treetop Trampoline of Doom, where you soar through the skies and attack the piglins from above! That’s just a limited selection of Lost Legends, so make sure you check out the full set in-game. They’re all available for free, and they all yield exclusive cosmetic rewards if you complete them. Wear them and everyone will know that you’re skilled and stylish! 

We hope you enjoy hopping around the Overworld with your new friend! If you want to be the first to know when the next Lost Legend is out, follow Minecraft.net, @legends_game, and our Discord for the scoop on all things Legends. 

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