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Tower Scour

What awaits you inside Cloudy Climb’s mysterious new feature?

What are your best tips for falling asleep? Breathing exercises? Closing your eyes? I might be doing something wrong, because here I am, writing words for at 04AM while counting the days left until Cloudy Climb. Counting sheep seemed like such a hassle! 

Maybe sleeping is a bad idea. After all, what I should be doing with only nine days left to Minecraft Dungeons’ first Seasonal Adventure is prepare. Prepare for new features such as the Tower – a solo experience that works like a proving ground for bold adventurers. The Tower is shrouded in mystery, and information about it is limited. However, that's all about to change. I’ve literally begged politely asked an expert. So, what is the Tower? 

The Tower is a series of spatially-unlikely locations stuffed into one mysterious structure. On one floor you might find yourself battling up a staircase, but on another, you stumble across a lake with a boat. How did that boat get there? And more importantly, who is now missing their boat??


Hey, if that's the boat on floor 16, it’s MINE! Meet Marc Watson, Producer for Minecraft Dungeons, boat detective, and endless source of knowledge about Cloudy Climb’s climbiest feature. For those of you who are curious about this talk of battles and staircases, let us offer an explanation!

In the Tower, the player controls an avatar: a character that initially has no gear, but slowly collects it through a selection of rewards you earn as you progress. The Tower itself has more than 30 different floors, with each one harder than the previous one, and the goal is to make it as high up as you possibly can. 

The Tower is home to both familiar mobs and bosses from Minecraft Dungeons – but also a few new foes as well. For example: one mob you might encounter is the Tower wraith, a version of the normal wraith dressed in tower-specific garb and armed with a new and dangerous poison attack.  

There's also the Tower guards – tough upgrades of the royal guard found in Highblock Halls – and players should find their combination of defense and long reach to be a challenge. Not all tower inhabitants are nasty though – some of them will help you along your way up by modifying the gear that you collect. They can increase the power of it, upgrade it to a unique variant, or gild it. 

While the Tower itself might prove to be quite a challenge, it is worth its weight in gold. Wait, a tower weighs more than 500,000 tons!? Okay, maybe not weight, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Players who participate in Tower runs will earn both a hefty portion of Adventure Points as well as a nice reward! However, this reward is different from the temporary rewards your avatar can earn. Marc explains. 

A player on a Tower run can get items for that Tower run after defeating mobs on a floor. They'll also get an enchantment point to spend, then they can select from a number of items, or even an additional enchantment point. These items and upgrades are temporary, and just for the Tower – but the reward that you can earn through a successful run is permanent and yours to keep! 

As long as a player has defeated at least one boss during a tower run, they are eligible to earn a reward upon that run’s failure or success. Defeating two bosses will generate an additional choice for the reward, as will the third boss. So, defeating all three bosses and completing the run will give you a reward item, but you’ll have three total rewards to choose from. 


Rewards are not the only ones that come in threes. Similar to the main game, you can choose from three difficulties – but you won’t select a specific difficulty number like with a normal mission. Six of Cloudy Climb’s ten new achievements/trophies are Tower-based, which should prove to be a nice carrot for those looking for a challenge! Add to it the fact that the Tower’s interior will change every third week, which gives you a limited window to master its current layout. 

Naturally, we’re going to reward players for performing well, but we’ll also reward players who thoroughly explore the new space in search of secrets...

Essentially, you’re choosing between a (somewhat!) easy experience, a medium difficulty experience, and the fight of your life. Also, players who complete the Tower on the highest difficulty might find that their available rewards include a powerful gilded version of the item! 


Mobs! Bosses! Rewards! Long-lost boats! The Tower is just full of surprises waiting to be discovered. Will you rise to the challenge and try to topple it? I myself will be toppling down over my bed. Wake me up when Cloudy Climb comes out on December 14!

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