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How to watch MINECON Live

Streaming on September 28 and rebroadcasting in multiple languages!

This Saturday, September 28th at 12PM ET, Minecraft will never be the same again. Because this Saturday I’m quitting Mojang to pursue my true dream of becoming a lion tamer is our biggest MINECON yet! Lydia Winters and her four charming co-hosts will present a celebration of Minecraft’s biggest year ever. Expect stunning surprises, exclusive reveals, post-show panels, pre-show hype, Jens to be wearing a nice shirt, your chance to vote for which biome we update next, and the announcement of the next major update to Minecraft.

Despite the fact that live broadcasting always runs the risk of a developer panicking on-camera and suddenly announcing we’re rebooting Minecraft as a dating sim, MINECON Live will be broadcasting LIVE all over the world! Here are six ways to watch the show live with the rest of the globe:


Konnichiwa! ¡Hola! Tjena! Salut! Why am I suddenly greeting you in all these languages? Because we’ve teamed up with creators and community members from all over the planet to deliver MINECON Live in your native language! Well, if your native language is one of the ten we are highlighting below.  

They’ll be streaming the show live on their channels, providing commentary, hopefully not screaming too loud in shock when we reveal [REDACTED], and letting you enjoy the show in whichever language you choose. See a streamer you want to enjoy MINECON Live with? Then subscribe to their channel so you don't miss out on their rebroadcast on September 28!

Here’s the list of creators, the language they’ll be broadcasting the show in, and links to their channels:

For more MINECON Live updates, go to our MINECON page, or follow us on Twitter. See you Saturday!
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