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Jay Castello
Jay Castello

Minecraft Legends Gift Guide

Treats and gifts for heroes and piglin enjoyers alike

Cover art of Matt Forbeck's Minecraft Legends novel, Return of the Piglins, depicting characters from the Overworld and a player character breaking through the center of the background in a ray of blue light, with orange-hue lit piglins rising from the bottom
Cover art of the Minecraft Legends official game guide
A plushie of a piglin runt holding a blaze rod. A smaller picture in the lower right corner shows the plushie in a dark environment, where its blaze rod glows.
An action figure of a piglin mace runt, complete with toy mace.
An action figure of a Minecraft Legends portal guard.
An image of three T-shirts side by side, each a different color (black, blue, and grey respectively) featuring key art from Minecraft Legends
A black hoodie with images of piglins and the text "Fight tusk and hoof"
A Minecraft Legends-themes bedsheet set, featuring two different pillow designs.
A plushie of a Minecraft Legends big beak mount
Two images of a creeper-shaped mini fridge, one with the door closed, and one with the door open.

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