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Minecraft Legends Gift Guide

Treats and gifts for heroes and piglin enjoyers alike

In Minecraft Legends, you’ll need to search out all the allies and resources you need to save the Overworld. But you won’t need to search far to find the perfect gift for the Minecraft Legends player (or rather, hero) in your life – because we’ve collected them all right here! Whether you want something to show a friend or family member how much you care or you’re looking to treat yourself, there’s something for everyone. 

Minecraft Legends: Return of the Piglins

Can’t get enough of the mysterious mythic past hinted at in Minecraft Legends? Well, great news! In this official novel, that strange, unclear history is back – and it’s threatening the Overworld again! What do you mean that’s not good news? Written by award-winning author Matt Forbeck, find out what happens when a lost zookeeper and a piglin advisor cross paths and create their own legend.

Minecraft Legends: A Hero’s Guide to Saving the Overworld

Uniting the Overworld and saving it from the piglins is no easy feat. But don’t worry! This book is jam-packed with tips and tricks to help you vanquish the hordes and restore the land. Whether you’re looking for advice on combat and building or tips about the piglin bases, this will be your ultimate guide for driving the piglins back to the Nether. 

Piglin Blaze Runt Plush Toy

Okay, okay, so the piglins might be untrustworthy, dangerous mobs who want to claim the Overworld for themselves… but they’re also kind of cute, right? If you, like me, have always wished you could hug a piglin instead of fighting them, now you can! This squishy plush blaze runt will even talk to you – or, at least, grunt adorably when you pet its head. Its blaze rod glows in the dark, too!

8” Legends Plushies

If you prefer a friendlier plush, maybe one of these 8” Minecraft Legends toys is the one for you. But how will you choose between the bustling badger, the brave big beak, or the classic chicken? Well… maybe you’ll have to get all three! Find these at all major US retailers, as well as worldwide (excluding Latin America).

Mattel Piglin Runt

If you prefer action figures to plushies, no worries, we’ve got you covered! These scale models will let you bring the piglins’ attacks out of the screen. Pose them, place them, and play to your heart’s content. They even have a unique attack, perfect for defeating your enemies! I know we’re supposed to be fighting against the piglins, but with such cool moves, you may want to switch sides. Just for a little while.

Mattel Portal Guard

If you’re building up your IRL piglin horde, don’t forget that there are many different types and ranks of piglins. This portal guard is one of the fiercest. Its attack is a giant slamming mace, so it can crush any structures or mobs standing in its way. And if you’re on the Overworld’s side, watch out and be prepared to counter attack! And speaking of watching out, there's another piglin action figure coming this summer, and it's a slimy one! See if you can find it in the image at the very top of this article.

Minecraft Legends T-Shirt (Print on Demand)

Stay stylish while playing with this Minecraft Legends T-shirt! It might not give you an edge in those tense PvP battles, but you’ll be the best dressed out of all your friends. And that’s its own kind of victory. 


US exclusives

Just like ancient debris and blaze rods are found in the Nether, there are some things you can only find in certain parts of the world. These gifts are only available in the United States. If you’re based in the US, read on!

Fight Tusk and Hoof Hoodie

Keep as warm and toasty as the Nether in this hoodie, featuring those pesky piglins. You can’t save the Overworld if you’re feeling the chill!

Legends Sheet Set Bedding

Defeat piglins all day and then settle down to dream about your heroic victories at night with this Minecraft Legends bedding set. Featuring many of your new allies, from the stylish, hat-wearing zombies to the various mighty golems, you can stay close to your newest friends even while sleeping.

Big Beak Pillow Buddy

In order to save the Overworld, you need to make good use of Minecraft Legends’ many mounts. The colorful big beak can be found in the jagged peaks – and now, in your home, thanks to this pillow buddy! It might not be able to fly through the air, but it is very cuddly, which we think more than makes up for it. 

[Sneak peek] Creeper Fridge

This one is coming soon, but we’re excited, so we’ll give you a sneak peek for all your future buying plans! This two foot-tall mini fridge is perfect for when you want a chilled drink to go with your latest adventure. As Minecraft Legends has taught us, creepers can become useful allies in certain circumstances, so don’t worry, the only sssssssssssss you’ll be hearing is the crack of a cold can!

That’s a whole lot of Legends loot to choose from! Whether you prefer to defeat the piglins alone or to one-up your friends in PvP, and whether you want to settle down with a book and a plush or you want to recreate your most epic moments with action figures, there’s something for everyone. And if you want even more merch goodness, be sure to head on over to our official store. Good luck uniting the Overworld, driving away the hordes – and finding the perfect gift!

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