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A side-by side image showing the rewards you will receive for completing each of the five Lost Legends released so far.

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A trove of free Minecraft Legends challenges awaits!

Did Minecraft Legends’ campaign leave you wanting more? Are you itching for another challenge? Do you just like free stuff? 

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then don’t miss out on Lost Legends: free, exciting content made by Minecraft Legends’ devs. Not only are Lost Legends a lot of fun, but once you've successfully completed each, you can claim a cosmetic reward you can't get anywhere else!

Lost Legends put a new spin on the core gameplay of Minecraft Legends, bringing you more challenges from the piglin-riddled Overworld. In these adventures, you'll face unique scenarios that require you to take your strategic thinking to the next level:

1. Lost Legends: The Portal Pile

The first Lost Legend was released alongside Minecraft Legends and features a familiar scenario: the piglins are coming for your village! In Portal Pile, your peaceful settlement is surrounded by three Nether portals, and piglins are coming out of them in increasingly tough waves. Use the fountain chest to replenish between waves and keep the fountain safe until the end to receive the exclusive Portal Buster hero!

2. Lost Legends: The Breakout

In Breakout, one of the toughest piglins to ever snort has trapped your friends inside piglin bases, and you have one hour to rescue them! Can you defeat the Unbreakable before the timer runs out? Emerge victorious and claim an exclusive Prison Break skin for your big beak!

3. Lost Legends: The Legend of the Llama

Those piglins won’t know what spit ’em! In this delightfully chaotic Lost Legend, you get to become a llama. And this llama sure is sick of the piglins’ antics. It's up to you to strike back using your spitting prowess and rescue your llama friends from the piglin bases so they can join the fight. Destroy all the piglin bases within 45 minutes and get the Honorary Camelid skin!

4. Lost Legends: The Hunting Season

The Beast is on the hunt again, and it's up to you to stop it from causing even more destruction! This speedy and violent piglin is targeting five villages across the Overworld, which you must protect at any cost. Hunt down the hunter and earn the exclusive Piglin Pursuer hero skin!

5. Lost Legends: The Crucible

Facing the piglins is even more of a challenge in confined spaces! Especially for yours truly, whose first instinct is to run when a threat appears. Inside the Crucible, there's nowhere to hide nor escape. Instead, you must fight through a succession of increasingly fierce trials, each taking place in a locked chamber. Clearing one room of piglins will open the next one, and only once you've stepped into a chamber will you know what awaits inside – so choose your allies carefully before you move forward! Can you make it to the end and claim the Crucible Champion skin? It’s about time we found out.

And there you have it! All the Lost Legends that you can play right now. In fact, you probably could've completed Portal Pile in the time that took you to read this article. So what are you waiting for? Claim your free challenges and put your hero abilities to the test!

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