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Build with It: Brick!

Build with It: Brick!

It’s true we have focused on a number of flashy and colorful blocks for our Build With It series. Every once in a while we like to revisit the basics like stone, or wood – or in this week’s case, brick. After all, even the brightest block can benefit from a strong foundation.

A classic building material, the brick has been used throughout history and was one of Minecraft’s earliest materials.  But one question remains – why are they red? Since most common bricks are made of clay and then fired in a kiln, the various red hues are a result of  iron oxide which is drawn out as the temperature rises. Holding true to tradition, Minecraft bricks are also made of clay which is why most basic bricks are red.

Available in slab, stair, brick, and wall form, the brick lends itself to all forms of builds, both classic and modern. You could use it as the flooring in your home, as a clever pathway, or even build an entire brick house (like thecommonpeople has done above). Brick is a striking start for any foundation and ready to be paired with many of our previous Build With It materials you may have lying around in abundance, like cobblestone and quartz. While real-world bricks typically take mortar or another adhesive to connect, laying brick in Minecraft is much easier – no extra materials required!

One of the most common uses in both the real world and our virtual one is using brick to create fireplaces. It’s a great choice for any home. Bricks are durable, with the same blast resistance as other stone material, and cannot be set on fire.

Why not take a look at some creative creations from other community members to inspire your next build?

Get ready to have your builds sparkle and shine as we turn our attention to building with emerald and diamond! Want to help inspire the rest of the community with your creations? Just email with screenshots of your creation and some info about what you’ve created. If you’re lucky, you may just see your build featured in an upcoming article.

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