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Key art of the features coming to Minecraft Legends' second update, featuring the hero riding a fearless frog in the center, alongside two other heroes on different mounts and other Overworld mobs. In the foreground, a clanger and other piglins are running from the hero. Int he background we see more piglins trialing the hero and their friends, alongside witches, golems, and villagers. In the far background there's an air chopper blowing towards the aforementioned characters, as well as a cauldron. The ground to the right is netherrack while the ground to the right is grass with a river running through it.
Cristina Anderca
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Cristina Anderca

Play Minecraft Legends’ biggest update

The frogs, witches, and clangers are here!

A group of witches standing around a cauldron
A hero riding a fearless frog, sitting on top of a lilypad in the middle of a pond
A piglin clanger inside a piglin base with its front hooves outstretched, about to clang its cymbals together. Two wood golems stand in front of it.
A front view of a spinning air chopper inside a piglin base.

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