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Key art of the features coming to Minecraft Legends' second update, featuring the hero riding a fearless frog in the center, alongside two other heroes on different mounts and other Overworld mobs. In the foreground, a clanger and other piglins are running from the hero. Int he background we see more piglins trialing the hero and their friends, alongside witches, golems, and villagers. In the far background there's an air chopper blowing towards the aforementioned characters, as well as a cauldron. The ground to the right is netherrack while the ground to the right is grass with a river running through it.

Play Minecraft Legends’ biggest update

The frogs, witches, and clangers are here!

Have you ever found yourself fiercely battling in Minecraft Legends’ Overworld and thinking: Hmm, this needs more piglinsFirst of all, how weird of you. Second, congratulations because you’re about to get your wish! But thankfully, the piglins won’t be able to simply claim victory by numbers because some new friends are joining the game as well. Yes, Minecraft Legends’ second title update has it all! With the frog and witches facing off against the piglin clangers and air choppers, the battle has never been more exciting.


The witch

A witchy cackle might make you want to run in the opposite direction but fight that feeling! In Minecraft Legends, the witches are mysterious but eager allies that will launch their poisonous potions at your foes. Help them get rid of the piglins attacking their homes and friends, and only then will they happily emerge from their huts to join your cause. 


The cauldron

And there’s even more witchy power at your disposal – build a cauldron (or several) on the battlefield to buff your allies and give them some extra bubbly oomph. As long as they’re within the cauldron’s area of effect, your units will deal increased damage and knock back enemies. Wondering how you’re going to lure all those piglins to the cauldron? No worries, because the effect lingers for 20 seconds once the units are out of the structure’s range.


The fearless frog

This update brings another new friend that you’ll definitely be hoppy to see. The fearless frog’s strong, stretchy legs make it the perfect mount for when you want to leap above the fray. Not only does the frog jump twice as high as other mounts but it also swims much faster, creating new opportunities for speedy traversal in the Overworld. And if you find yourself at high altitude, don’t be too nervous – the frog’s soft, bouncy body is pretty resistant to fall damage compared with other mounts. That being said, don’t go leaping off mountaintops; no amount of fearlessness will make you immune to gravity!


The clanger

When I first found out that a tall, thin, and fast piglin would be coming to the game, I thought the game team was playing a cruel joke on me. But no, this nightmarish (but still oddly cute) piglin called a clanger is indeed roaming the Overworld as we speak, causing all sorts of auditory chaos. Instead of the usual piglin squeals and grunts, the clanger (somehow) has battle cymbals! Why or how the piglins would make this ear-splitting version of a perfectly pleasant instrument is a mystery. What’s clear is that they’re not becoming patrons of the arts anytime soon, because these cymbals are so jarring that they will stun and knock back nearby opponents.  So when you face a clanger, make sure you deal with it quickly or your friends will be in trouble!


The air chopper

The latest piglin innovation in spore dispersal – the air chopper – doesn’t just pollute the Overworld with spores, it’ll send your friends flying if they come near it, sometimes with delightfully explosive results depending on the mob. It's a great multitasker, plus it rotates to blow away incoming foes from any direction. Too bad it’s part of the piglins’ arsenal and not yours!


And even more improvements!

Alongside the new features, this update also brings a long list of enhancements to the game, including (but not limited to):

  • New custom game settings, including world seed, knockback resistance, hazard damage/density, starting allays, allay chest density/yield, player health regen, tower buffs, mob/structure cost, enable/disable mounts, llama damage, village attack strength, and much, much more. There’s also a very aptly named setting called Water is Lava, which I’m very excited to never try.
  • Improvements to pathfinding, type select, and banner view.
  • Better RPS combat balancing and difficulty tuning to reward players for favorable mob compositions and vice versa – unfavorable mob compositions will lead to more punishing outcomes. This means that the campaign will require more strategic thinking on all difficulties except for Storied, which is now a more relaxed experience. Pick the right allies and you’ll win the battle faster! Pick the wrong ones and… let’s just say you’ll be able to tell. 
  • PvP updates and improvements, including cost and damage balancing, faster matchmaking, and more.

Make sure you check out the patch notes for a more complete list of all the changes. You can also see some of the features in action in our segment at Minecraft Live 2023, in case you missed it.

So, jump into Minecraft Legends and keep your ears peeled! Will you hop towards the sound of cackling or clanging first? Share your heroic stories on our Discord and follow @legends_game for the latest updates. 

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