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The Golems of Minecraft Legends

Brave companions, ready to defend the Overworld

Over the course of my many unsuccessful dirt house renovations, I often thought I saw a block move out of the corner of my eye. Sometimes, it was an Enderman just doing its thing. More often, it was fatigue hallucinations after trying forever to nail a DetailCraft tutorial. But it did make me ponder how there’s so much more to blocks than what we see. 

Blocks can become shelter. They can turn into items. They can even be used for portals to a different dimension. In Minecraft Legends, blocks will allow you to summon precious, loyal allies: the golems! These brave buddies will follow your lead and fight the piglins to take back the Overworld. But not all golems are the same. Piglins are deceptively cunning; fighting them will require you to strategize, and a huge part of that is knowing when and how to leverage each type of golem. Here's a quick look at the different golems you’ll be able to summon as the hero: 

Cobblestone golems

Who would’ve known all that cobblestone I’ve been stuffing chests with could be the making of great warriors? No matter what your feelings about the aesthetic qualities of cobblestone, its namesake golems are undeniably cute. But that’s not their only quality, not by far.

Cobblestone golems are tough – so tough, in fact, that they can deal damage to not only the charging hordes of squishy piglins, but also the hard surfaces of their structures. Once they start pummeling, it’s only a matter of time before their target falls.


Plank golems

Judging by how cute they look (already seeing a pattern here), you’d think the biggest threat a plank golem poses is a splinter or two, but no! That “nose” you see on their faces is actually a barrel (a.k.a. "snoot") that shoots arrows, which pack a serious punch. Thankfully, their ranged attacks are only ever aimed at piglins.

They’re not as resistant to damage as their cobblestone counterparts but keeping them away from the busiest parts of the battlefield will ensure that they put up a solid fight against the piglins.


Mossy golems

Mossy golems are also cute gentle in nature and literal softies, thanks to the layer of moss covering their hardy bodies. You will never see them hit a piglin nor their structures. However, they are invaluable on the battlefield because of their healing properties. Any battle-worn allies within range of their healing water (including you, the hero) will have their vital energy replenished so they can continue fighting for the Overworld! 


Grindstone golems

Grindstone golems won’t repair your weapons because that’s not necessary in Minecraft Legends. They won’t get rid of your items’ enchantments either because, well, that would make saving the Overworld even trickier than it already is! What they will do is charge eagerly onto the battlefield, so much so that they will knock over entire groups of rambunctious piglins, giving you a leg up when things get a bit too chaotic – which they tend to do whenever piglins are involved.

Which golems are you most excited to play with? Each has its own role to play in whatever strategy you choose, and we’ll be dropping more gameplay hints over the coming months. Keep an eye out for Minecraft Legends news and scoops – following @legends_game on Twitter and signing up for updates at are great ways to start. Have you seen our latest Dev Diary that talks about the mobs of Minecraft Legends, including the golems? If not, check it out here. And the next time you uncover a bunch of stacks of cobblestone in an almost-forgotten chest, remember that even the humblest blocks hold great potential...  

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