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Found a bug in Minecraft? Here’s how to report it

Ever play Minecraft but feel like something is a little… off? Maybe your quartz blocks keep disappearing. Or your pickaxe doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Or the Enderman keeps singing Lou Bega’s ghastly hit ‘Mambo No. 5’ at you. If anything like that has happened to you, congratulations! You just found a bug! Hopefully, it wasn’t that Enderman one. We were sure we’d patched that out.

Sometimes bugs can come along and spoil everything. That’s why we want you to log bugs so the Minecraft team can fix them asap. Then you can get back to mining, crafting, and livin’ that bug free life.

To report a bug, click this link to head to our bug tracking site. This is set up using JIRA, which we’ve dubbed MoJIRA because we’re cute like that. Set yourself up a JIRA login and you’ll be ready to make our developers cry by reporting thousands of bugs in no time!

Below these options you’ll see some handy tips for making bug reports:

  1. Submit ONE issue per report please, it's easier for us to follow and manage!
  2. Please provide a (to the point) summary of your problem. Avoid one-worded summaries and things like "help!!!".
  3. The description should contain details of the problem and how to reproduce it so that we can more easily track down the problem and try to fix it.
  4. Please search before creating a report to make sure your issue hasn't already been reported. If it has, please join the discussion there! You’ll find the search option in the top-right corner of the page.
  5. If you've discovered an exploit or a security issue, please create a Private report that only yourself and Mojang will be able to see.


We get a lot of bug reports, so you’ll often find someone has already reported your bug. But if they have reported it already, you can still add new information to the existing report, or upvote it!

When you search for something, you’ll likely see a list of bug tickets. If you find one that reports a bug you’re experiencing, vote for it! The Minecraft team monitor the tracker for reports and useful user comments. MoJIRA also has a group of dedicated volunteer moderators and helpers who help keep the tracker tidy and organised, and these will often help direct players to the right bug reports.


Project Key

Want to make sure you’re searching for bugs for the version of Minecraft you’re playing? Good idea! Use these helpful shorthands:

MC - Minecraft: Java Edition

MCPE - Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

MCD - Minecraft Dungeons

MCLG - Minecraft Legends

REALMS - Realms

Other useful shorthands:

Unresolved - Shows you only bugs we haven’t resolved yet

r: me - reporter, tickets created by you

r: [USERNAME] - Reporter, tickets created by [USERNAME]

Fixed - Shows only fixed bugs

created:-1w - Only shows tickets created in the last week.


Using wildcards can help find a general term rather than a specific word, and can also help with typos in bug titles. For example, if you were searching for a bug regarding items not stacking correctly, you would type in the quick bar: item* stack* - this would bring up tickets containing related words such as items, stacked, and stacking.

Another example is searching for issues about world conversion; if you use the term conver* you will find issues that use related words convert, converted, conversion and so on. It also means you can search really quickly as you often only have to type the first few letters of a keyword that you want to search for.

Using the above example mcpe item* stack* unresolved should bring up just a few relevant bug tickets, making it a lot easier to find the ticket you were looking for!

Commonly Used Searches

Here are a few commonly used searches that should help put you on the right track when you’re ready to jump into the bug tracker!

By Project:

Reporting a NEW bug!

Wow, you’ve found a bug first? Let’s get as much detail recorded so the developers can quickly see what the problem is.  Here’s an example of the layout that is most helpful:

Steps to Reproduce your bug:

Explain how we can recreate your bug ourselves in Minecraft

Observed Results:

“I didn’t even know the Enderman could sing!” etc.

Expected Results:

What should happen when we try and recreate the bug.

Uploading a screenshot of your bug (or even a world save) is also extremely useful!

Here are some bug report templates to get you started:

Have fun reporting bugs!

Thanks to Jay Wells for all his help with this article and tons of bug-reporting expertise!

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