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The Humble Blockjam begins

Watch our streams as we make games for charity!

Exciting news ahead! We’ve teamed up with a bunch of our developer buddies to create games and raise money for charity. The games will be available to download from Humble Bundle’s snazzy website in exchange for a donation of your choosing. It starts at 3pm today and ends at 12pm CET on Thursday.

UPDATE: It now ends at 12pm CET on Friday, meaning that all the games will be exactly 24 hours better!

The Blockjam will include a few groups of Mojang developers, a chap from Microsoft based in Seattle, Grapefrukt, Ludosity and the wonderboys from Oxeye Game Studio. We're even putting on an official Mojang livestream that'll be hosted by three of the greatest Minecraft youTubers of all time - cat-shaped man with the insane chuckle, Stampy; cheery lover of dog art, StacyPlays; and the infectiously enthusiastic and difficult to spell, Sqaishey.

Grapefrukt and Ludosity will be hosting their own streams too. We won't be upset if you watch their stream instead of ours. Well, I won't. Can't speak for Stampy.

100% of the proceeds will go towards Block by Block - an initiative which funds public spaces in poor communities around the world. Members of these communities use Minecraft to help influence the final designs. It’s an amazing thing that we’re extremely proud to be a part of. But over time we’ve discovered that building cool things IRL is actually super expensive, hence the need for donations.

All the games will be DRM free so you don’t need to worry about online logins, subscriptions, or yucky season passes. The system requirements and platform each game appears on are yet to be decided, as is exactly how fun each of the games will be.

So yes! There is no catch! Watch the streams! Donate to charity! Play games! Woo! Oh, and use #blockjam if you’re going to talk about it on your social medias.

Oh - one last thing - don’t forget to vote if you’re old enough, Americans! Despite its awesomeness, the Blockjam is a terrible excuse for not voting. Mojang will not be responsible for the future of the free world.


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