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The Overworld of Minecraft Legends

Explore a storied land, with surprising treasures and perils

With the April 18 launch date fast approaching, it’s time for another Minecraft Legends deep dive. In this game, you’ll discover the Overworld as it’s been preserved in the stories of its inhabitants, including what they love and what they fear about it. 

Instead of changing the landscape of the world, you learn to navigate it and use it to your strategic advantage by building new structures. Instead of playing block by block, you get to play thought by thought – turning your ideas for structures into reality in seconds instead of minutes (or ages in my case) of manual labor. 

But there’s more to this legend than building structures. Here’s why it pays off to explore the Overworld of Minecraft Legends.

The Well of Fate 

This imposing, mysterious structure is where you first enter the world, but it also has some very useful features. For example: Have you been rebuffed by the same piglin base an unreasonable number of times? Well, return to the Well of Fate and build improvements! These upgrade structures enhance abilities of your choice, like unlocking new types of allies or increasing the number of allies you can rally. These upgrades are essential to progressing through the campaign as you face increasingly dangerous enemies and they’re a lot of fun to discover and play with.

Secondly, your connection to the Well of Fate allows you to fast travel to it via your map as soon as you begin the game – which leads us to the next place you’ll want to explore...


Sometimes, you don't have time to admire the scenery because the piglins’ corruption is spreading quickly. Very quickly. That’s where village fountains come in! They allow you to fast travel to villages you’ve already discovered from anywhere on the map, provided their fountains are in good condition. These fountains are tempting targets for the piglins, so when a village is attacked make sure you rush to defend it!

There’s another reason to keep the piglins away from villages – aside from their propensity for smashing everything and everyone... those villagers are our friends! If you look closely at a village fountain, you’ll notice a chest at its base. Villagers collect resources in these chests to support you in the fight for their home! But once a village is taken over by piglins, you lose access to those resources. What sorts of helpful resources will you find in these chests? Well...

Ore veins

There’s nothing more anticlimactic than running out of resources just as you’re about to spawn that final wave of allies and destroy a Nether portal for good. Thankfully, the Overworld is rich in many resources so you just need to make sure you stock up before each battle. While in Minecraft Legends you’re not mining per se, your allay friends are more than happy to collect different materials for you. These resources are essential for spawning allies, building structures, and building improvements, so keep an eye out for ore veins as you gallop through biomes. And if you’re looking for a specific material, check your map to see what you can find in each biome! 

Boosts and obstacles 

Speaking of galloping, the Overworld’s terrain won’t always make it easy for you and your mount. Seeing as you won't be traveling on foot in Minecraft Legends, you’ll need to figure out how you and your mount can explore the Overworld's deep ravines and towering mountains. 

As their names suggest, speed wheat and bounce caps make traversing biomes faster and, well... bouncier. In fact, darting and jumping around is so much fun it almost makes you forget that the Overworld is under attack – that is, until you smack your (and your mount’s) face into the wall of a piglin base while zooming with speed wheat.

Aside from finding boosts scattered around the Overworld, you’ll also find some perils. Poison vines not only harm you, but they also remove the speed wheat and bounce caps’ effect, which feels like a very sudden speed bump. Imagine having your longest speed wheat streak foiled by this pesky plant! So make sure you avoid these toxic plants, as well as all the other obstacles I’ll (very cruelly) let you discover by yourself. Okay, one last piece of advice: if you see a hole in the ground in the tundra, maybe don’t stand on top of it. Or do, it’s pretty fun in an “ouch, my bones” kind of way.


The piglins aren’t confined to their bases – they’re running rampant in the Overworld, in search of opportunities for destruction. If you see a group of piglins causing trouble during your travels, maybe make a quick stop to deal with them. Not just to stop their rampage, but also because the piglins roaming the Overworld carry lapis, the material you need to spawn new allies.  

Treasures and... friends?

So let’s say that the worst has happened, and all the villages are now in ruin; to top it all off, you’re out of resources. It shouldn’t take too long to replenish them manually so you can go back to kicking piglin rump, but if you keep your eyes peeled you might spot some freebies. Throughout the Overworld, you can find allay chests – either hidden or in plain sight. Inside these chests, you’ll find varying amounts of random resources. Just play the right song and the allays will retrieve them for you!

What about those strange-looking blocks, strewn about in random places but in a very not-random order? There’s definitely more to them, but this is something the Hosts will explain to you when the time is right.

Want to learn more about Minecraft Legends? Keep an eye on Minecraft.net and @legends_game for more info and news, and make sure you check out our previous posts about the golems and mobs you’ll fight alongside to save the Overworld! 

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