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Sunset in the Cherry Grove biome, looking out over a large plains biome and towards some snowy mountains in the background.

Minecraft Snapshot 23w14a

A Minecraft Java Snapshot

We are now releasing Snapshot 23w14a, containing changes to Sculk blocks and Enchanting Tables, a new Quick Play functionality, an updated logo for Java Edition, a new main menu panorama, and lots of bug fixes!

Happy mining!


  • Changes to Sculk blocks
  • Replaceable blocks no longer block the connection between Enchanting Tables and Bookshelves
  • In the Desert Temple, the new room has more of its roof collapsed and one block of Suspicious Sand is always visible in the top layer
  • Updated the Minecraft: Java Edition logo
  • The main menu background is now a Trails & Tales panorama

Sculk Shrieker

  • Waterlogging them will now silence their shriek sounds
  • Added to the Redstone Blocks tab in the creative menu

Sculk Sensor

  • For both normal and calibrated Sculk Sensors, the following changes have been made:
    • Default redstone output has been modified to be more reliable for distance calculations
    • Now strongly powers the block they are placed on

Calibrated Sculk Sensor

  • Has an active cooldown of 1 second instead of 2 seconds
  • Detects vibrations up to 16 blocks away instead of 8 blocks
  • Accepts signals into the calibration input side more consistently with other Redstone components
    • For example, signals can now be received through a block

Technical Changes

  • Signs with click commands can now be interacted with even if the Sign is not waxed
    • Signs with non-text chat components can no longer be edited
  • Added new loot table function called reference
  • Added support for Quick Play
  • Removed the server & port arguments as their functionality has been replaced by Quick Play
  • Changes to tags
  • The resource pack version is now 14
    • Updated the sprite layout of minecraft.png
    • Removed the overriding minecraft.png from the Programmer Art resource pack
    • Updated the sprite layout of invite_icon.png

Loot tables


New function reference allows functions to call sub-functions (similar to reference condition).Fields:

  • name - location of function to call

Quick Play

  • Added support for four new command line arguments that allow the game to be launched directly into a world
  • quickPlayPath takes a specified path for logging (relative to the run directory)
    • If a path is provided the following will be logged upon joining a world:
      • type: is either singleplayer, multiplayer, or realms
      • identifier: represents the world you want to join
        • For singleplayer, the folder name of the world
        • For multiplayer, the IP address of the server
        • For realms, the Realms ID
      • port: represents the server port and is only logged for multiplayer
      • name: The name of the world
      • gamemode: The gamemode of the world
      • lastPlayedTime: The time you joined the world
    • Example:
      • --quickPlayPath "quickPlay/log.json" will resolve into .minecraft/quickPlay/log.json
  • quickPlaySingleplayer, quickPlayMultiplayer and quickPlayRealms all take their respective identifier
    • If one of these arguments is provided, the game will try to launch directly into the given world
    • Examples:
      • --quickPlaySingleplayer "New World"
      • --quickPlayMultiplayer "localhost:25565"
      • --quickPlayRealms "1234"


  • Added replaceable_by_trees, to better express blocks that are replaced when the tree grows through them
  • Removed replaceable_plants since it was only used as a subset of the blocks for the tag above, and not as universally
  • Added sword_efficient, to represent blocks that are broken slightly faster by a sword than normal

Fixed bugs in 23w14a

  • MC-2474 - Transparent blocks placed between bookshelves and enchanting tables negate bonuses received from bookshelves
  • MC-138358 - Levers on top of item frames Z-fighting with blocks in item frames
  • MC-155084 - Horses' armor, reins, and bridles experience z-fighting
  • MC-165773 - /execute run does not cause syntax error when arguments are missing
  • MC-176309 - Illusioner has a few misplaced pixels left in their texture
  • MC-203399 - Hoppers use the side texture on the bottom
  • MC-203406 - Kelp and seagrass models appear to reference biome tints despite not using any
  • MC-212271 - Glow squid and squid show Z-fighting
  • MC-224433 - Clouds texture contains semi-transparent background
  • MC-230792 - Cat's tail shows Z-Fighting
  • MC-237556 - Legs of black cat model are white at the top
  • MC-241314 - Filled cauldrons' bottom faces are still culled when they should not be
  • MC-246459 - Drowned have some transparent pixels within their inner body texture
  • MC-249514 - Button UV appears to be upside-down
  • MC-251536 - Desert zombie villager feet still mismatch the sides of the feet
  • MC-251537 - Desert (zombie) villager has solid-color on inner of arm, unlike other villagers
  • MC-251538 - Desert villager missing some pixels for the sandals
  • MC-252099 - Incorrect texture mapping in potted mangrove propagule (mirror effect)
  • MC-254588 - Miscolored pixel on slowness effect icon
  • MC-256419 - Incomplete commands run through aliases don't produce errors
  • MC-256540 - The top texture of the camel's front left leg contains some redundant gray pixels
  • MC-258939 - Non-atomic cached state can cause multithreaded crashes
  • MC-259873 - Skeleton/Zombie Horse's chests are outdated
  • MC-260036 - Can't plant cactus and sugar cane on suspicious sand
  • MC-260042 - Cannot waterlog a decorated pot by using a water bucket or dispenser
  • MC-260105 - The name tags of sniffers are partly inside their models
  • MC-260152 - Sculk sensors are not activated by sniffers digging
  • MC-260202 - The sound of using the brush isn't affected by blocks
  • MC-260237 - Sniffers can sniff while panicking
  • MC-260240 - Sniffers that are in love sometimes don't attempt to approach one another to breed
  • MC-260347 - Falling suspicious sand does not break when reopening the world
  • MC-260348 - Sniffers will never dig in normal mud despite being a "sniffer_diggable" block
  • MC-260401 - When Brush is broken in offhand, the broken Particle is the Item in mainhand
  • MC-260459 - Baby sniffers don't sound high pitched when sniffing
  • MC-260467 - Torchflower is not grouped with other small flowers in the creative inventory
  • MC-260478 - Torchflower crop hitboxes don't change in size according to their age
  • MC-260527 - The coordinates of the sniffer "minecraft:sniffer_explored_positions" tag do not check the dimension
  • MC-260778 - Sniffer tries to sniff out blocks outside the world border
  • MC-260779 - Sniffers can dig into blocks outside the world border
  • MC-260810 - Villagers can't pick up torchflower seeds, despite being able to farm torchflowers
  • MC-261167 - Suspicious gravel does not have an assigned tool
  • MC-261171 - You can't plant bamboo on suspicious gravel
  • MC-261172 - Pitcher crop hitboxes don't change in size according to their age
  • MC-261174 - Suspicious gravel is not part of the #overworld_carver_replaceables tag, causing carvers to not cut through it
  • MC-261176 - Pitchers don't maintain the farmland used to grow it
  • MC-261179 - Attempting to interact with a waxed sign plays a sound but displays no subtitle
  • MC-261183 - Sniffer egg sound events are listed under "entity" instead of "block"
  • MC-261186 - Entities don't recognize sniffer eggs as obstacles when pathfinding
  • MC-261187 - Entities will often spin while pathfinding on top of sniffer eggs
  • MC-261189 - Inconsistent naming of block states for sniffer and turtle eggs

Get the Snapshot

Snapshot are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the Snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Testing versions can corrupt your world, so please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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