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Minecraft Snapshot 18w30b

A Minecraft Java Edition Snapshot

You've just had the release of Update Aquatic and yet you still expect us to keep working? In this heat? Oh, fair enough - here's a Wednesday snapshot for the coming-very-soon 1.13.1 update! Enjoy it before we all melt.

There is currently an issue with explosions where some blocks will turn into items that cannot be picked up, and some blocks will turn into falling blocks that never set properly on the ground. If you log out and log back in, you will be able to pick up the items and the glitched blocks should be fixed.


  • Fixed issue with rain sounds causing the console to spam errors.
  • MC-134915 - The player walks, jumps and falls really fast in Superflat or after changing dimension
  • MC-134905 - Exception ticking world
  • MC-134903 - Mobs can break turtle eggs by standing on them when gamerule mobGriefing is false
  • MC-134858 - The TNT block state "explode" does not carry over to 1.13.1's "unstable"
  • MC-134833 - Fast movement
  • MC-134828 - Server crash - Ticking world entities
  • MC-134826 - Deleting a world doesn't remove it from the list until re-entering world list
  • MC-134819 - Game speeds up when entering the nether sometimes.
  • MC-134816 - Crash: Exception ticking world entities
  • MC-134274 - Map Markers for players holding a different Map
  • MC-134273 - Player Markers on Map after disconnect
  • MC-133294 - Map Markers blacked out
  • MC-123880 - Clientbound play packet 0x0C (Boss Bar) using same byte for different booleans
  • MC-123586 - Debug pie chart uses locale specific number formatting
  • MC-120780 - Chunk data packets are sometimes created unnecessarily
  • MC-120664 - Tool durability is off-by-one
  • MC-119856 - Slime blocks missing cullface argument
  • MC-114218 - Dispensers and droppers don't offset smoke particles when facing up or down
  • MC-76615 - Lightning bolt summoned by /summon is offset +0.5x and +0.5z
  • MC-75465 - Vignette effect's visibility is not being updated according to light level when GUI is hidden
  • MC-74764 - Particle "largeexplode", "hugeexplosion" and "sweepattack" not showing when using the front view (twice F5)


  • MC-134570 - Door top half missing when updating to new version
  • MC-134476 - Miss written sounds .json causing almost all 1.13 subtitles to be unshown (Fix included)
  • MC-134468 - Map cloning recipe only yields 2 maps
  • MC-134414 - Concrete powder falling onto sea grass just replaces it
  • MC-134348 - Crash while upgrading: bkv{block=Block{minecraft:acacia_slab}, properties=type, waterlogged - Inconsistency with update order when pistons retract other pistons
  • MC-134298 - Observers don't detect retracting sticky pistons
  • MC-134297 - Observers detect moved blocks late in 1.13
  • MC-134166 - Villager door detection order has changed
  • MC-134115 - Containers next to chunk borders can lose items when upgrading
  • MC-133995 - Transferring world from 1.12.2 to 1.13 isn't working
  • [MC-133986](https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-133986) - Non [a-z0-9/. _ -] character in path of location: minecraft:EntityHorse
  • MC-133959 - Credits don't appear when clicking "Copyright Mojang AB" in the title screen.
  • MC-133942 - 1.13 Release is called a snapshot when backing up world
  • MC-133905 - Large oak trees generate without making block under stump dirt
  • MC-133894 - Drowned don't drop items that they picked up as zombie then were converted
  • MC-133871 - Waterlogged trapdoors do not update properly when opened
  • MC-133839 - Crash when tp/at world border
  • MC-133715 - Thrown tridents cannot be picked up after dying
  • MC-133587 - Deleting server format error
  • MC-133251 - Curse enchantments don't use red text
  • MC-132703 - Iron golems do not spawn in center of village
  • MC-132663 - Command blocks kick player when entering certain commands > 256 characters in multiplayer
  • MC-131868 - Concrete powder next to waterlogged blocks is not converted to concrete
  • MC-131678 - Setblock property - block and setblock property - value are reversed in error messages
  • MC-131462 - Coordinate math error causes structure not to generate and possibly other issues
  • MC-131029 - Villager door detection range has changed
  • MC-125134 - Server crashes while generating new chunks – java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: We are asking a region for a chunk out of bound
  • MC-124942 - "Invalid book tag" is not translatable
  • MC-124690 - Successful "/bossbar set players" doesn't give success message in chat
  • MC-124543 - JSON-Text formatting in CustomNames of container blocks does not work
  • MC-122625 - Order of contents of north- and east-facing double chests changed after update 1.12.2 -> 1.13
  • MC-119971 - Various duplications, deletions, and data corruption at chunk boundaries, caused by loading outdated chunks — includes duping and deletion of entities/mobs, items in hoppers, and blocks moved by pistons, among other problems
  • MC-88356 - Bow animation broken in off-hand in third person
  • MC-88099 - Slimes/Magma cube with NoAI-Tag still can damage the player

Get the snapshot

To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Launch Options" tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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