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An image of a Piglin Brute in a Bastion Remnant.

Minecraft Java 1.16.2 Released

Ever since the Nether Update, the Piglins have seen players sneaking in and having a peek in their chests – well, no more! With 1.16.2, we’re introducing the Piglin Brute – a Piglin so focused on guarding the Bastion Remnants' chests that even gold can’t distract them.



Two new accessibility settings have been added to help with visual comfort.

  • Distortion effects such as nausea and the Nether portal overlay can now be reduced
  • At lower values, the nausea effect is replaced with a green overlay as an alternative visualization
  • Field of view effects, shown after speed modifiers are applied, can now be reduced

Chat Delay

  • Chat delay has been added to the Chat Settings screen
  • Pressing F3+D now clears the pending chat messages

Bastion Remnants

  • Tweaked the Bastion Remnant chest loot
  • Chests in Bastion Remnants are now more likely to be positioned on top of gilded blackstone


  • Brewing stands can now be crafted with blackstone
  • Lanterns and Soul Lanterns can now be waterlogged
  • Crimson and warped fungus can now be placed on mycelium
  • Chains can now be placed in all orientations


  • Tools are now sorted based on material in the creative inventory
  • Totems of undying now give the fire resistance status effect for 40 seconds when activated


  • Endermen will no longer place their held block onto bedrock blocks
  • Zoglins can now be leashed
  • When a Zombified Piglin is spawned riding a Strider, it will now be holding a Warped Fungus on a Stick
  • Removed Herobrine


  • Added Piglin Brutes!
  • Piglins now become angry with players who open or destroy a Chest Minecart
  • Tweaked bartering loot

Piglin Brute

  • Piglin Brutes are stronger versions of Piglins that live in bastions and protect the treasures there
  • Unlike the their cowardly and greedy counterparts, the Piglin Brutes cannot be distracted by gold and aren’t afraid of anything
  • Piglin Brutes attack players on sight, no matter how they are dressed
  • Piglin Brutes wield axes and don’t need any armor, because they’re just that tough

Respawn Block Positions

  • Modified how respawn positions are chosen for beds and respawn anchors
  • Respawn anchors will prioritize cardinal directions over corners
  • Beds will prioritize the side of the bed the player entered from and then spaces circling around the foot of the bed up to the head of the bed
  • Respawning players will now face the block that they respawned at
  • Placing players onto dangerous blocks is now avoided when possible


  • Villagers now emit green particles when joining a village, setting a home bed, or acquiring a job site / profession
  • Villagers now lose their job sites when changing dimension


  • Custom worlds now support custom biomes
  • Sign edit screen will now intialize from existing sign text (should have no noticeable impact on vanilla)
  • Small improvements to data and resource pack selection screens
  • Tags can now have optional entries



  • execute in now respects dimension scaling

spawnpoint & setworldspawn

Added an angle parameter for setting the default facing angle of a respawning player
Syntax: spawnpoint [<targets>] [<pos>] [<angle>]
Syntax: setworldspawn [<pos>] [<angle>]
New parameters:

  • angle - Floating point angle in degrees. Supports the relative ~ modifier

Customized world generation

  • Custom world generation and dimension settings now use the same folder pattern in data packs as other resources (namespace/<type>/resource.json)
  • There is now experimental support for a worldgen folder in data packs
  • worldgen/biome can contain biome definitions
  • worldgen/configured_carver can contain definitions for world carver settings
  • worldgen/configured_feature can contain definitions for feature placements
  • worldgen/configured_structure_feature can contain definitions for structure placements
  • worldgen/configured_surface_builder can contain definitions for surfaces
  • worldgen/noise_settings can now contain noise configurations
  • worldgen/processor_list can contain sets of block processors
  • worldgen/template_pool can contain pool definitions for jigsaw structures
  • Custom biomes can now be used in the single biome/caves/floating islands world types (add the data pack containing the biome first)
  • Custom biomes can now be used in custom dimension generators

Dedicated server packet limit

  • Dedicated servers can now kick clients that consistently send too many packets within a second
  • Controlled with the rate-limit settings in server.properties
  • The default rate limit of 0 means “no limit”

Pack selection screens

  • While screen is open, it will automatically update when pack directory contents change
  • Both pack selection screen will now display contents of pack.png as pack icon

Pack version

  • Resource pack version raised to 6


Optional entries

Entries in tags can now be marked as optional. Failure to resolve optional entries does not prevent the whole tag from loading.

  "replace": false,
  "values": [
    "#minecraft:beds", // existing syntax
    { "id":"#missing:tag", "required": false }, // optional sub-tag entry
    "minecraft:anvil", // existing syntax
    { "id":"minecraft:stone_button", "required": true }, // new syntax for required tags
    { "id":"missing:block", "required": false } // optional single-element entry


A total of more than 150 bugs have also been fixed in this release!

Get the Release

​To install the release, open up the Minecraft Launcher and click play! Make sure your Launcher is set to the "Latest Release" option.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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