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A piglin mace runt standing in front of a Nether portal

Introducing Minecraft Legends Shorts!

A short series of story-based shorts

There are many pivotal moments in the story of Minecraft Legends, and soon you’ll be able to experience them yourself. But in the meantime, impatient people like me need to sit tight and savor the anticipation. Or do they?

Some of the coolest things in Minecraft Legends are small – like the allays, the Host of Knowledge, and even those viciously cute piglin runts. This inspired us to create a limited series of short videos illustrating life in the Overworld of Minecraft Legends, specifically some moments that you’ll be able to play through as the hero. Featuring rowdy piglins, adorable mobs, and brave heroes, these shorts will give you an idea of what you’ll get to experience starting April 18!

The first short uncovers the epic story of the game and shows how the hero must outsmart the devious piglins to have a chance at defeating them. Show them just how big of a mistake it was to underestimate the Overworld!

So if you want a sneak peek, look no further! And don’t worry about spoilers – these shorts don’t reveal major plot points from the game. We’ll have to impatiently wait for those together.

Want more Minecraft Legends updates? Follow us at @legends_game and keep an eye on Minecraft.net for the latest news, stories, and sneak peeks. You can also get some cool downloadables and pre-order the game at minecraft.net/legends.

Cristina Anderca
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