Even More Minecraft with RTX

Check out the latest community creations

Recently we shared some of the interesting builds that gamers from around the globe have created with the RTX Beta for Windows 10, and now we’re back with even more creations brought to you by creators from around the world! 

Our tour kicks off in Europe with the huge RTX map “Madeira in Minecraft” built by the German creator Pixelbiester in collaboration with YouTuber Unge. It shows off various impressions of Madeira’s capital Funchal and its surroundings as interpreted through Minecraft. This is not just a map to idly wander through, you can also play mini-games like a jet ski race, an easter egg hunt, or a mirror maze.

A truly collaborative community effort, Mineland RTX was converted from a popular Java map featuring buildings created by different Czech Minecraft community members (including this area in our above image). Creator Pedro recently converted this map to RTX, and shared it with us. Check it out.

In a different part of Europe, several Italian community members have used RTX to give  some worlds originally created in Java a bit of a glow up. Gabby16bit’s Colorful RTX Wonderland provides us with a journey through various environments that gave us (and now you) a great reason to take a quick fifteen minute break in your day. YouTuber Marcy takes us on a journey through a large fantasy map with different houses, floating buildings, and statues. TheMark spent years working on the Java version of this map of a mansion and nearby village and couldn’t wait to convert it to RTX.

You may have been wondering how these Java maps have been transformed. Luckily, we have a step by step guide on how to convert your worlds from Java to Bedrock courtesy of Aurelien Sama. The video is entirely in French but there are auto-translated captions available.

If you’re interested in creating some Minecraft with RTX content of your own, check out the FAQ and our RTX page for more information. Once you’ve created something, feel free to send your great work of art over to FeatureMe@minecraft.net to get featured in a future community gallery. We can’t wait to see what you create!


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