Rollercoaster Paradise

Experience the thrill of the theme park!

Imagine a huge amusement park with 38 rollercoasters (!), games to play with your friends, food stalls, and much more. Now imagine how much work it would take to build, and be glad that builder Daan B made it for you! His Rollercoaster Paradise took 200 hours to create, but now it’s open for you to enjoy.

“I’ve always liked to build rollercoasters,” Daan told me. “I had made a small theme park before with my brother and I wanted to see if I could take it to a higher level. So I started to make a large theme park.”

In fact, the park is so large that it took Daan two and a half years of hard work (plus a little extra help from his brother and cousin). His favourite area is the one added most recently, a multiplayer game room: “It includes a game of Connect-Four and a Floor-is-Lava game, both using command blocks.”

Of course, most people visit theme parks to get that great adrenaline rush from fast-paced, stomach-dropping rides. Daan’s favourite? “The Skyscraper,” he told me. “It’s over 180 blocks tall. For its design I was inspired by the real life rollercoaster.”

But all of those fun and games might make you hungry, and no theme park is complete without lots of food to keep you going. Rollercoaster Paradise is no exception, and its snack area is a delicious example of the whole map’s attention to detail.

Every stall sells a different kind of food, and they each have their own prices. The picnic area is surrounded by colourful flowers to admire while you eat. (Though hopefully that snow on the trees is just decoration for a nearby ride or it might be a bit too cold to sit outside!)

The whole park has this same careful crafting. Of course the huge rollercoasters are the most eye-catching, but there are lots of beautiful details everywhere. My favourite area is this little pond that sits next to one of the paths. The lighting, water shader, and collection of bamboo, cacti, and flowers all come together to make a peaceful little space among the energetic fun of the rides and games.

It might not be quite as exciting as whooshing through the air on the Skyscraper or avoiding lava with your friends, but this garden is very, very pretty. Until someone rides too many rollercoasters and loses their lunch in it : (

Now that his theme park is complete and open for business, Daan is hard at work on an even bigger project – a whole city! “When finished, the city will contain a central business district, harbour, airport, suburbs, highways and more,” he promises, and says he’s planning on uploading an initial version soon. So keep your eyes peeled!

But in the meantime, all the excitement of Rollercoaster Paradise should keep you occupied. Enjoy the thrilling rides and have fun playing the games with your friends – but don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers too.

Jay Castello
Jay Castello