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We’re coming to London in February!

Come to the PC Gamer Weekender to see us talk Minecraft and Cobalt WASD!

Wanna hear about the year ahead for Minecraft? Wanna explode robots in exchange for prizes? Then you’ll wanna be at the UK’s most excellent PC gaming expo on February 17-18th, in London! The Big Smoke!

The PC Gamer Weekender takes place at the Olympia, and is an event packed to the gills with gaming goodness: loads of big-name games playable on the show floor (of course!) but also a retro classic arcade, build-a-PC workshops, tabletop gaming room, eSports training, insider interviews, game industry career advice, tournaments and more! You can even meet the team behind the PC Gamer magazine and website! They’re a very nice bunch.

We’ll be there too! Minecraft’s very own Lead Creative Designer, Jens is giving a talk on Minecraft - what it takes to add new stuff to it, and what we have planned for the year ahead. Pontus and Daniel, the devs behind our amazing robot-blasting multiplayer game, Cobalt WASD, will also be on stage talking about how it all came to be. You can play it on the show floor, and, if you think you’ve got the skills, compete in a tournament for prizes!

If you’ve forgotten what Cobalt WASD is, watch the video below. Pew pew pew!

In preparation for the Cobalt WASD tournament we’re making the game FREE TO PLAY on Steam this weekend, January 19-21st - so be sure to check it out and get your robot-blasting abilities honed!

Anyway, it’s going to be an amazing event. Keep an eye on our Twitter for a chance to win free tickets this week, or use the discount code COBALT20 at the check-out when you get your tickets from the Weekender website!

Come along!

Marsh Davies
Marsh Davies

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