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Realms Plus: February

Seven new maps coming to Realms Plus in February!

Each month, we add new content to Realms Plus. Since we’re entering one of the year’s drearier months, we added seven new adventures to brighten up your February!

Hey, wait a minute. What is Realms Plus anyway? 

Realms Plus is Minecraft’s monthly subscription service that lets up to ten players enjoy over 50 pieces of Minecraft Marketplace. The content includes some of the best the Marketplace has to offer, such as adventures, skin packs, worlds, mini-games, and more. 

This month marks the second round of new content since launch, and we hope you’ll enjoy February’s offerings as much as we do!

Ponies by GoECraft

Are you ready to meet the most adorable collection in Minecraft, everypony? Check out these cute dream ponies; which one do you love the most? Choose your favorite and ride the rainbow, touch the stars, dance on ice, fly over the city, or go for a dive in the ocean. With a cute pony by your side, you can do it all!

Samurai Sanctuary by CubeCraft Games

Welcome to this beautiful sanctuary, home to the greatest of samurai warriors. But don’t let the serene surroundings lull you into a false sense of security. This survival spawn will take you on a wild adventure, so grab your bamboo staff and get ready to face off against ninja zombies armed with samurai swords!

Monsters of the Deep by NoxCrew

Dive deep into your new underwater adventure!  Swim with dolphins, turtles and sharks as you explore shipwrecks, coral and volcanic underwater biomes. Track down monsters and put your training to the test as you battle, not one... not two... but three custom bosses! There’s always a bigger fish...

The Kingdom of Torchwall by Imagiverse

Are you a solitary ruler, or do you prefer roleplaying with friends? In any case, you're going to need a Medieval castle to store all of your treasure once you claim the Kingdom of Torchwall and expand your domain out into the world. Explore the town and farms, but watch out for creatures that lurk in the sewers below!

Infinity Dungeon Ex by Jigarbov Productions

Get ready for a singleplayer or multiplayer adventure through an intense and randomly generated dungeon full of scary traps, tricky puzzles, and amazing treasure! Collect upgrades as you explore new areas in this map with almost infinite combinations and multiple endings. Each ending comes with its own big, bad boss – how many can you battle?

Sand Dune City by LinsCraft

Travel through the red sand biome and set foot in this city with ancient wonders and culture. From the holy sacred temple to the mysterious sand house in the city, you will be able to find treasures and experience an unforgettable adventure. With nine desert-themed skins, you’re ready for some fun in the sun!

Planes by InPVP

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Wait, it’s seven custom planes! Take to the sky by becoming a pilot in this aerial map. Fly around the airport and take off to new locations like the town or farm. Customize your plane with different color options and get into character with twelve new skins, including pilots. Are you ready for liftoff? 

Curious to find out more? Learn all about Realms Plus and its content at our Realms Plus site.


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