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A hero raising their banner and charging into battle alongside some skeletons and golems

Minecraft Legends Short #3 Is Here

The epic battle draws ever closer!

Minecraft Legends is only one week away, which means your chance to lead the charge against the piglins is too! And that’s exactly what this new short video is about.

The Overworld’s way of life was changed forever when the piglins opened the first Nether portal, and it’s up to you to stop them from destroying it for good. These vicious creatures will stop at nothing to get what they want, including destroying an entire world and its peaceful inhabitants.  

Is your bravery greater than the piglins’ hunger? Protect your friends and make new allies to push back against the spread of Nether corruption. The inhabitants of the Overworld are counting on you!

It’s almost time to unite the Overworld! Go to to pre-order the game and be part of the first charge against the piglins. You’ll also find more information about the game and free downloadables. Make sure to follow us at @legends_game for the latest updates and join a large community of players on Discord to discuss your best strategies at!

Cristina Anderca
Cristina Anderca

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