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Minecraft closed beta comes to China!

Mojang goes to Beijing to announce beta launch

We were incredibly honoured to attend an event in Beijing today to announce... Minecraft’s Chinese closed beta! It was a great crowd and an incredible spectacle, with Minecraft conducting a takeover of Beijing’s famous Water Cube. Check out the pretty pictures below!

Minecraft has had truly amazing support from Chinese players over the years, even though it’s never been very easy for them to buy the game. So it’s thrilling to be able to officially re-introduce the game to such a passionate group of players, and, with our amazing partners NetEase, we’re going to make sure it’s as authentic a Minecraft experience as possible.

Both Pocket Edition and a PC version of the game will be available, expertly localised and adapted by our friends at NetEase, bringing special features for the Chinese audience.

NetEase are inviting talented builders from all around the world to take part in the closed beta. We’re super-excited to see what Chinese players make in Minecraft, but this is also an amazing opportunity for builders from other parts of the globe to put their creations in front of a new Chinese audience.

International collaboration and inspiration at its finest!

Marsh Davies
Marsh Davies

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