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A screenshot of a Minecraft Legends hero character riding e big beak through the jungle.

Jump on the Treetop Trampoline... of Doom

Check out September’s Lost Legend and four new Myths!

Having to choose between speed wheat and bouncecaps is like choosing between pasta and pizza: incredibly cruel. But there’s an undeniable, unique charm to stepping on a bouncecap and becoming a soaring, glimmering hero with the knowledge that even if you take a wrong step and fall, you and your trusty steed will be fine.

Well, now you can get that feeling of gravitational invincibility while fighting piglins in the Treetop Trampoline of Doom! Too bad bouncecaps don’t make you immune to the piglins’ projectiles, but that’s where your skills come in!

In this free Lost Legend, the piglins have built their bases high up, making them inaccessible from the ground. That means that you have no choice but to wreak havoc on them from above! Bounce your way from tree to tree, find a suitable place for your spawners, then build a network of bridges so your allies can reach the bases – all while avoiding the piglins’ relentless attacks. Of course, to make sure this feat isn’t impossible from the get-go, you’ll receive the big beak mount at the beginning of the challenge so you can glide from the treetops.

In the Treetop Trampoline of Doom, your goal is simple, but not easy: destroy all the piglin bases on the map within 45 minutes. Fortunately, if you are defeated during the challenge, you will respawn with your progress intact. And if you succeed, you’ll receive an exclusive skin for your favorite six-legged friend: the Obsidian Beetle! Are you ready to soar high and earn your reward? Proceed onto the trampoline, but watch your step!

But that’s not all the adventures that await. This month, House of How have also released four new Myths, which you can purchase now on Minecraft Legends Marketplace! Here’s a quick sneak peek at these immersive single-player DLCs...

Creature Caretaker 

In the base game you might be able to pet animals, but in this Myth they become your sidekicks! Fight back against the piglins with the cutest companion by your side, or use it as your trusty mount – the choice is yours! Take your pick from seven companions, each with unique abilities, and collect power crystals to upgrade them to new forms. 

Endless Hordes

Rats! Rats everywhere!!! No, I’m not talking about that time I tried to spring-clean my basement. This is an action DLC where you take on huge hordes of rats in a combat challenge like never before. Choose between three weapons and a variety of special powers that you can use to combat the relentless waves of rats. Once you defeat them, don’t forget to collect the resources they drop – you’re going to need those upgrades if you want to make it through all nine levels!

Temple Escape 

Need a break from battling piglins? Pick flight over fight in this endless platformer where you jump over pits, dodge traps, and break obstacles to see how far you can go. But make sure you keep up the speed, because there’s a fiery wall of doom right behind you! Collect gold as you go to track your high score and buy upgrades. 

Chess Legends

Action-packed games might be fun, but there’s a reason why chess is a classic. Show the computer that your squishy brain is superior in this immersive chess experience, featuring animated pieces. Choose between five difficulties, classic/timed mode, and three different piece sets: classic, golems, or piglins. May the best strategist win!

So many adventures to dive into and so little time! In fact, I just wasted precious gaming time writing this post, so I’m going to head out – but keep an eye on, @legends_game, and our Discord for more Minecraft Legends updates!


Cristina Anderca
Cristina Anderca

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