It’s almost time for Minecraft Now

If not now, then when? (Tomorrow)

Hello. If you are reading this within 24 hours of this article’s publishing, I am a liar. Yes! Me! It’s true! But I was just so excited for our new show, Minecraft Now, that I couldn’t wait to publish this article until it was live. So, for you early birds – I am sorry. For the rest of you – what are you reading this for when you could be watching the show?!  

To get the most out of your viewing experience, I would recommend watching the show as it streams live. But sometimes life gets in the way, or maybe you also love re-watching things over and over again, which is why you will be able to find each show on our YouTube channel even after the stream ends! Isn’t that nifty? The show’s producers sure think so! I cornered arranged a meeting with Johan, one of the main brains behind this crazy scheme. When he realized he wasn’t going to escape, he gave me some exclusive information about the show.  

Why are we launching Minecraft Now? There is so much happening in Minecraft all the time, so we wanted a monthly live show to showcase it all. We're really looking forward to highlight the community, play the latest snapshots with our developers and answer questions from the chat during the streams.

Johan Kvarnemo, Minecraft Now Producer

Well, there you have it! What more do you need? The promise of a special guest? Alright, there’s going to be one. Assurances of puns a-plenty? Obviously, just try to stop us. A link? Fine, that’s surprisingly reasonable. I’ll even give you two! You can watch the Minecraft Now livestream here, and when the show is over it will stay there so you can watch it as many times as you like. Until then, you can find the trailer here! Now if you’ll excuse me, this show isn’t going to heckle itself.  

Sofia Dankis
Sofia Dankis