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Introducing: Minecraft IRL

Share your real-life Minecraft moments!

Minecraft can be a funny old game. Over the years, crafters have uncovered a wealth of secrets, and developed a bunch of unique ways to play. Dirt block towers, pigs with saddles, chests packed with mushroom stew - over time, these things have become almost... normal.

For the near future, we're celebrating some of the funkiest bits of Minecraft. Keen Facebook and Twitter users might have noticed that we've already created an LA installation that references the way shrewd Minecrafters use torches to light their way back home. We also uploaded a unique L.A. map to Minecraft Realms for Minecraft Java that features loads of mini-games themed around light. In case you don't have access to a Realm we've also made it available to download here.

When players at the installation complete the mini-games, a huge sign gets lit up. It's so massive that airborne travellers can read it from the sky! It's an awe-inspiring sight, and just one of the ways we're championing the way you play.

You'll see a lot more of these things over the next few weeks. Follow us on Facebook or check our Twitter to keep up to date. Even better, get involved yourself! Think of some of your favorite things to do in Minecraft and re-create them in the real world. Of course, don't do anything dangerous like putting a bucket full of lava in your backpack. That's just dumb.

Oh, and don't forget Share your Minecraft IRL moments with the hashtag #MinecraftIRL so we can find them easily and retweet our faves!

Have a great day, everyone!

Owen Jones
Owen Jones

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