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Greek Mythology in Minecraft

The Greek Mythology Mash-Up Pack - now in Pocket/Win 10!

Behold and bow before the mighty Greek Mythology Mash-Up pack! This pack was previously only available to console players. So If you're a console edition crafter, you've likely been laughing it up with your mythical mates for a while now. "Ho ho ho!" you've scoffed, while high five-ing Zeus with one hand, and pointing and laughing at Windows 10 players with the other. Honestly, you're appalling sometimes.

But today balance is restored as the Greek Mythology mash-up pack is now available in pocket and Windows 10 Edition!

The pack includes a custom texture set, a new UI, an original score by Gareth Coker and 39 (count 'em!) unique character skins, including the mighty Zeus, the mighty Prometheus and the OK-we-guess Apollo. Just kidding, Apollo! Please don't smite us.

As always, a few of these skins are free. Take a look now! Hey, er, Apollo... we're cool right? R-right?

Gulp. Enjoy the pack!

Tom Stone
Tom Stone

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