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HeySofia's back with some smart, small builds!

You may remember HeySofia's amazing, competition-winning glass tower from this article last year. Since then, she's had a fair few requests asking her to elaborate a little on her process, and recently she got in touch to let us know she's put together some cool videos which should help beginners think about how to bring their designs to life, carefully considering organic shapes, materials and details.

One of the first tutorials, embedded above, shows her creating this gorgeous cottage garden - a small build, but perfectly realised, every block in exactly the right place to conjure a sense of a warm summer's day. You can almost hear the bees buzzing.

What I like about Sofia's builds are how precise they are - in just a few blocks, she manages to make a hedge feel organic, without being messy. Her work on man-made stuff is just as careful: the video showing off the construction of what she calls starter houses is particularly thoughtful, each build using materials from the biome after which it's themed.

I also really liked this video in which she explores creating road surfaces which again make use of the materials and character local to their biomes.

Really clever craftin'!

Marsh Davies
Marsh Davies

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