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Community Streamer Showcase: Highlights!

Caves & Cliffs: Part I launched last week, and we worked directly with a handful of community streamers to help show off the content in the update during a series of special streams.

Were you not able to catch those streams, or were you perhaps too busy doing your own axolotl hunting? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

Here are a series of highlights from their streams.

First we have couriway, who said “A lot of my favorite elements were honestly being able to take the time to genuinely enjoy the update and not be as focused on speed running elements.”  We’re so glad he got a chance to just explore! He also said, “I spent time just exploring and having fun with all of the newest elements, and having my chat teach me so many things that I didn’t even realize were in the update. I also found my new favorite block! The deepslate tiles look incredible and can be used for pretty much anything."

Next up we have Phineapoo who named his axolotl Squishy, AceUnhacked who built an amethyst base and Stealth who delighted in playing with his brand new spyglass.

JaneyLaney delivered on her promise... and spent the first days of 1.17 surrounded by goats. That’s right folks, this brave soul found and named one hundred and one point five goats. How did she name half a goat, you ask? Well... it’s still a baby! She said, “This was the hardest thing that I had to do.... 100% survival and died close to 30 times because of goats launching me off the mountains.”

RachelKye did a little bit of everything on her stream, but spent the most time with glow item frames. Her build with all the frames belongs in a museum! She said, “I had a ton of fun exploring new elements from the update in both Survival and Creative modes on my stream! I did some mining and built a mini-aquarium while incorporating cool copper blocks! Glow squids are definitely my new favorite mob and axolotls are so cute! I also spent some time experimenting with spyglasses and glow frames!”

And what would a creator feature be without this super aesthetic video from Kitdy? Kick back, relax and check out her axolotl aquarium showcase. 

JacQuanStanley had a heyday looking for amethyst, and couldn’t get enough of the glow squid. He said, “My favorite part about being able to stream 1.17 was the exploration. Searching for new blocks, seeing how iron and gold have changed, and searching for two days for an amethyst cave is exactly why I love Minecraft. [And] swimming in the water to find a sparkling squid has yet to get old.”

Meanwhile Kendrisite managed to capture eleven glow squid, and fell absolutely in love with deepslate. He said, “Deepslate? Deepslate is the most fun block I have ever had the joy of using! Because of its handy textures and usefulness (especially without having to cook it), it's going to revolutionize builds far into the future. No more will you see simple ruins with JUST Cobblestone or stone. Deepslate is revolutionary!”

And last but not least, we have this highlights video from DrGluon. While his main goal was to go looking for goats, it sounds like we have another spyglass fan on our hands. He said, “I discovered a geode last night and using a crystal shard I created a spyglass! I love the spyglass so much! Like the little sound it makes when you use it, it’s so awesome! I want to go sailing about with it, using it to see far off places!”

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of top moments from our community streamers!

Got a build you’d like to share using blocks from the new update?  Email us at for a chance to see your work in a future article!

Kristina Horner
Kristina Horner

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