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Cloudy Climb out today

Start climbing!

Aaah! The camp is shining, the villagers are chirping, and the tower is in full bloom. Am I mad? Well, maybe a tad, but this is just early signs of a fully normal season arriving in Minecraft Dungeons! Our first Seasonal Adventure – Cloudy Climb, is here! 

Taking on all this new adventure is one tall order, but I believe in you! Cloudy Climb – an update all about heights and aiming for the top – contains plenty of new content for climb-enthusiastic adventurers to enjoy: a mysterious tower to explore and test your skills in, the introduction of a new reward track system, and many new themed cosmetic items such as skins, pets, flairs, emotes, and capes. And while there's an option to purchase a second reward track, the update is otherwise completely free

If you’re curious to learn more about Cloudy Climb, its features, and the Seasonal Adventures format, we have plenty of nifty & hefty resources for you to dig into:

But there’s also a simpler, perhaps more effective, option: just boot up Minecraft Dungeons! Season one is in full swing, so just go and enjoy the fun! Shoo! Off you pop! Go away! And tell the Tower Keeper I said hi! 

Per Landin
Per Landin

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