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Share your Minecraft Memories with us

We're looking back on 10 years of Minecraft!

Minecraft is turning ten! We’re celebrating our 10th Anniversary in all sorts of exciting ways, and we want YOU to be a part of it. Using the hashtag #MinecraftMemories we want you to share your best Minecraft Memory with us on Twitter. It could be about something you did in the game, a nightmare you had about a sixty-foot-tall Creeper, that time you decided to buy Terraria instead – whatever your Minecraft Memory is, we want to hear about it!

Once we’ve gathered enough of your #MinecraftMemories, we’ll seal them in our nefarious memory trapping machine that lets us live forever write a follow-up article featuring our favourite ones! That time you dug straight down and fell into a pit of lava could be immortalised on this very website forever (sorry about all the diamonds you lost btw). Just tweet your memory with the hashtag #MinecraftMemories so we see it!

To inspire you, we’ve gathered some #MinecraftMemories from some of our most nostalgic Mojang employees. Let’s take a look back together:

“One of my favourite memories from working on Minecraft was the London MINECON," says Jason Major. "It was the first MINECON I attended and we were showing off the Windows 10 edition for the first time. As is typical in the industry, we were scrambling right up to the last minute trying to make the build as polished as possible. We rented a conference room at our hotel and had four of the developers on the project fixing any issues we found as fast as possible – literally right up until the morning of the show.

“Until the show started, I thought I understood how popular Minecraft was, but the passion of all the fans that attended quickly showed me how much I had underestimated how important the game is to the players. Watching this passionate group of extremely diverse players playing the game, giving feedback on our builds, and just generally enjoying the show (and following all the content creators and streamers around like they’re rock stars) was extremely eye opening and something I’ll never forget.” – Jason Major, Minecraft Developer

“One of my all-time best Minecraft memories is finding out that I’m basically a hoarder. An organized one, but still, a hoarder. There’s no item or block too mundane to collect (well, after a while you can only stand so many dirt blocks before going mad, aaand maybe leaves). In conclusion, all the houses I’ve ever built in Minecraft have been overflowing with chests. But to be fair, I’m without a doubt labelling each and every one of them with item frames of what’s inside.” – Alice Löfgren, Hoarder Head of Social Media.

“My best memory is from when I built a subway system between me and my friends' various bases of operations. Each stop had a fully developed train station, both above and below the ground, and the tracks provided a constant max speed with powered rails. The longest train line lasts for 20 minutes – perfect to go grab a coffee!” – Ninni Landin, Art Director

“Hey! I built at least half of that subway system!” – Per Landin, Writer, Disgruntled Sibling

“One of my favourite memories was getting to go to MINECON for the first time. I couldn’t afford to go before I started working for Mojang, but I’d always wanted to. I remember walking into the huge show floor and even just seeing things being constructed for the show was magical. I was surrounded by everything Minecraft – a game that helped bring me out of depression and allowed me to do things I couldn’t do in real life because of my disabilities. The next morning when everything was built and I walked in to prepare for the day, I was just overwhelmed with emotion at being immersed in everything Minecraft.” – Helen Zbihlyj, Community Manager

“My favourite Minecraft Memory? Er, I only started working here yesterday. Entering the office, I guess?” – Anna Holdosi-Simon, Producer.

TOM AGAIN: Welcome to Mojang, Anna! Tweet us your #MinecraftMemories and show us what real nostalgia looks like. Let’s end on a monster of a memory from Java Developer, Agnes Larsson:

Agnes: “It was quite early 2012 and me, my little brother and a friend were playing Minecraft together. We were at my brother's place for one of our classic "Minecraft and dinner" evenings. Our little Minecraft world had slowly turned into a little kingdom with two main villages and a few outposts in the mountains. But that evening we decided we wanted to build something bigger! We wanted a big, or rather, a HUGE capital for our kingdom!

“We went on a journey to find the perfect location. After approximately one in-game day of walking, we found a nice plains area next to a pretty ocean bay and a winding river. So we started to build the first houses. We only play in survival and can be quite lazy builders, so imagine a quite basic little Minecraft village at first.

“Many years have passed since that day, and we are still working on the same project! For many months we tried to figure out an epic name for this epic-to-be city. We kept just calling it "the capital" (or rather "huvudstaden", in Swedish). So one day we actually decided to call this city Huvudstaden!"

“Even though we have worked on it for so many years, you can't compare it to some of the amazing builds made by other Minecraft players. But that is fine by me, I still love our Huvudstaden! We’ve spent so much time there and had so much fun together while building it and telling its stories. It’s turned into a base for everyone on our server and, even though many new kingdoms and towns have popped up in our world since that day in 2012, Huvudstaden is still our grandest project.

"The city consists of many palaces built by grand families, the royal castle, cosy alleys with shops, museums, a marine biological research institute (built after the release of Update Aquatic!), a royal stable, a nice dock area, multiple town squares, etc. And! The first houses we built are still there, in an area now referred to as ‘old town’.

“My hope is that we will continue to build Huvudstaden for many, many more years!”


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