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New on Realms: Quick Hops and Colour Drops

Try these speedy new minigames - fast!

Hello again, minecrafters!

This week we’ve got a trio of memorable minigames for you to master, demanding nimble navigation, strategic block bashing and colourful chaos. Each is made with care by the community, lovingly selected by us and neatly packaged up with the PC version of Realms.

Minigames on Realms are designed to be played over and over with a bunch of your friends. Each time you play, you’ll have opportunities to discover new ways in which to surge ahead into first place!

Sky Desert Challenge

by Code__

Like many of the maps that we select for Realms, Sky Desert Challenge has gone through a number of iterations, improving greatly along the way. What we have here now is a polished game that plays smoothly and consistently, which is extra important when every second and every jump counts. In Sky Desert Challenge, you’ll need to launch yourself from platform to platform, grabbing speed and jump boosts, always keeping one step ahead of the crumbling level behind you. This challenge works great in multiplayer, so grab some friends, lace up your boots, and race until you drop!


by Vilder50 and Pollieboy

By now, you'd think we'd no longer be surprised by the wild variety of things the community build in Minecraft. But then something like Cublex takes it a step further, using custom game assets to transport you into another experience entirely: this game, aside from the use of cubes, doesn’t look like the Minecraft that you’re used to. As you push your blocks around, and knock your opponents’ blocks into the void, you’ll notice that the user interface, the cubes, and the whole feel of the game is different. We think that’s awesome, and can’t wait to see more games like it.

Palette Slam

by Archee and hgbf

Palette Slam is a game controlled by a simple input device: you! Each time you drop from above and splat onto the ground, you’ll release a splash of colour. Your goal is to continue painting the canvas with your splats, avoiding the sections that have already been coloured. Palette Slam features a unique game lobby (with invisible parkour!) and three different game modes to keep this experience fresh through many rounds.

That’s all for now!

We think that you’ll spend lots of time playing the latest Minecraft board game, splashing colours all about, and racing through crumbling deserts. We've got loads more maps planned for the future - keep an eye out on the site, or in-game via the Realms news icon so you don't miss out!

To learn about loading this and other content into Realms for PC, visit our help site. If you haven't yet tried Realms for yourself, you'll have a blue diamond on the Minecraft Realms button, located on the main screen of Minecraft for PC. Click it, then follow the instructions to try Realms free for 30 days.

Happy minecrafting!

Marc Watson
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