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Minecraft Now: April

Allays, frogs, and Luminous Nights await!

Depending on where you are in the world, spring is in the air. But thanks to Minecraft Now’s return, it is sure to be in all our steps! Use whatever scheduling system you prefer to remember to tune in to our YouTube channel on April 28 at noon EST. 

This month, our host Vu and his guests will bring you the latest news from around the studio. Laura from the Minecraft Dungeons team will drop by to give us a deep dive of what Season 2 has in store. I heard a rumor that they’re just going to add two of everything, hopefully she will confirm. Nir is also on the guest list, and he will give us a behind the scenes look at the allay, the mob that you voted for during Minecraft Live 2021! 

We love showing and sharing the amazing art that you, our community, creates. This month, we are looking for submissions that feature the frog! So hop to it and submit your favorite work of amphibious art by posting it to Twitter and tagging it with #MinecraftNowSubmit.* 

Hmmm, what more do you need to know? Nothing! So go mark your calendars, set a reminder, watch past episodes, set a reminder to check that you set a reminder, start drawing some frogs, and treat yourself to a third reminder because the April episode of Minecraft Now streams on April 28, noon EST!



*By doing this, you:

Agree that you are the one that created it, and that you're not violating anyone's else's intellectual property or publicity rights.

Agree that the creation can be used on Minecraft’s YouTube channel (including live broadcasted shows) and on articles on Minecraft.net.

Agree to Minecraft's community standards when choosing what to submit.

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